Our beloved General: Hajj Qassem Soleimani

Protesters hold pictures of Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani, during a demonstration outside the U.S. consulate in Istanbul, on January 5, 2020. (Photo by Yasin AKGUL / AFP)

“Among the faithful are men who fulfil what they have pledged to Allah: there are some among them who have fulfilled their pledge, and some of them who still wait, and they have not changed in the least”

Quran, Surah al-Ahzaab (The Tribes) (33), Verse 23

Before I start, please allow me to take the opportunity to send my condolences to all the believers, and indeed to all of humanity on the barbaric killing by the American Empire of the true defenders of truth, Hajj Qassem Soleimani, Hajj Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes and their companions.

Alongside that, I would also like to send my condolences to the families of those innocent victims of the downing of the Ukrainian Airlines plane – a downing, the blame for which is squarely on the shoulders of the American Empire and its disgusting and inhuman behaviour. I will not be covering this additional act of international terrorism by the United States (albeit indirectly), but will perhaps cover it in another paper in the future.

The illegal assassination on January 3, 2020, by the U.S. administration and military, of Hajj Qassem Soleimani, along with the deputy Leader of the Iraqi popular mobilization forces (PMU, also known as al-Hashd ash-Sh’abi) as they were driving away from Baghdad International Airport, was without a doubt an act of abject cowardice, and yet more evidence of the impotence and failing nature of the American Empire.

In doing this disgusting terrorist action, the U.S. showed its absolute contempt for any form of international legislation, any sort of rule of law, and indeed, it overtly violated the sovereignty of Iraq, a sovereign nation that the U.S. illegally occupies in the same manner that the closest allies of the U.S., the Israeli regime that occupies Palestine.

This also showed that the U.S. is incapable of any sort of sane or rational diplomatic negotiation, even though the current most corrupt emperor of the U.S., one Donald J Trump, keeps announcing that he is somehow an amazing negotiator and one who is the best dealmaker.

The reality of the acumen of Mr. Trump is that he is rather a gambler, and not a particularly good one, but an extremely arrogant and immoral one. Anyone studying his history will understand that he has declared bankruptcy multiple times, he has stolen the monies of the innocent people many times – an example is the self-styled “Trump University”.

This is a person who has no respect for anyone, who treats women as objects to be used and abused; his disgusting words regarding women are on the public record for all to see and are no secret.

He is also an extremely mercenary person, meaning that should you provide him with enough of a financial incentive, this person would sell his own mother, his wife, his children, and indeed his soul, let alone the country he has now – through huge promotion by the mainstream media and the corrupt elites that control the mainstream media – become the leader of.

This same Mr. Trump, prior to becoming the Emperor, would say things that are diametrically opposed to what he commands the U.S. administration to do in these days.

This is not the behaviour of a stable and rational person, rather this is someone who has allowed his arrogance to totally absorb and remove any semblance of basic human decency that he might have possessed; and when assimilated by the corrupt fabric of the U.S. administration, this has furthered the insanity of the U.S. Empire.

There is however, one positive aspect of what has transpired with the ascension of Emperor Trump; now the semblance of democracy, of diplomacy, of human rights has been torn away, and the filthy and real nature of the U.S. Empire is laid bare for all to see.

Returning to the subject at hand, it is well known, that across the entire region – and indeed across the wider world – it is well known that Hajj Qassem Soleimani was the foremost in fighting the U.S. backed project known as the so-called “ISIS” or “ISIL” (for clarity and indeed accuracy, I will be referring to this U.S. manufactured terrorist entity as DAESH going forward in this paper).

It is well-known that Hajj Qassem was at the front of the fight against DAESH, that he had been directly instrumental in the ejection of DAESH from Syria, from Iraq and more besides.

It was because of the great efforts and sacrifices of Hajj Qassem, that the countries of Europe, including – but by no means limited to – the UK, France, Germany, Belgium and so on, were saved from the scourge of this terrorist cancer DAESH.

Hajj Qassem was also the reason why the black flags of terror, the black flags of DAESH are today not flying above Iraq, above Syria, above Lebanon and above Iran, and indeed the rest of the region – and indeed the world – including the sponsors and founders and protectors of DAESH such as the so-called “Saudi” Arabia and the United Arab Emirates; and more besides.

With the cowardly murder of Hajj Qassem, the U.S. proved its alliance to DAESH, and its sharing of the ideology of DAESH. An ideology based on chaos and tyranny, based on shedding the blood of innocents and having no respect for any rule of law, but rather promoting the rule of Satan.

A quick clarification here, anyone who suggests that somehow DAESH has any connection to Islam or any other divine ideology is deluded regarding Islam, regarding any divine ideology; as well as about DAESH. Such an assertion (and sadly in some corridors of power there are extremely ignorant and corrupt folk who assert this as a fact) is so ludicrous and ignorant, that I refuse to even entertain or discuss it any further.

In performing this act of wanton terrorism, the U.S. further gave credence to the title that the free people of the world have given to the U.S. administration, the title of the Great Satan.

It proved that the U.S. military is merely a mercenary force, working for the benefit of DAESH and those behind DAESH. That it works as the drone, navy and air force for the terrorists. Terrorists that Washington and those pathological liars and corrupt criminals who populate the various “centres of power” therein say they are fighting in order to get support from the oppressed and occupied people of America and Europe, but who in reality are doing the work of the illegitimate occupiers of the planet, with the chief of them being the U.S. Empire.

I must make a very clear and important point here, that when speaking of the U.S., Europe or elsewhere; as I have above, I am in no-way speaking of the regular and good people of those countries. Rather, it is my belief that the people of those countries are in fact extremely oppressed. They are manipulated and indeed compelled by the lies of the mainstream media and the corrupt politicians, into believing the lies they are fed, and are unaware of the reality of the situation.

Evidence of this is that once the truth comes out, the people of the world, the regular and good people, feel a great sense of disgust at their leaders; but unfortunately the strength of the mainstream media manipulates the situation instead of actually educating the people justly, and so sadly, with less and less public mandate, the corrupt governments and regimes of such countries, continue their crimes. Crimes that the people of such countries are innocent of, and indeed crimes that are also against the regular and good people of such countries.

I will not elaborate on this further here as this will make this already lengthy paper even longer, but another paper can be written in depth – indeed papers can be written in depth – about the manner in which the mainstream media flagrantly lies to the people and keeps them in a stupor, thereby ensuring that the people are unable to fight back against the crimes that their governments do in their name illegally.

No, the label of Great Satan, or the statements of Death to America, are purely against the U.S. administration, an entity that lies, kills, and deludes, while then when caught, immediately feigns innocence.

In the Holy Quran, God explains a key quality of Satan, in chapter 59, al-Hashr (The Gathering), Verse 16:

“Like the devil, when he says to the human being, ‘Disbelieve’. But when he has disbelieved, he says, ‘I am innocent of you; I fear God, the Lord of the Worlds.’”

Quran, Surah al-Hashr (The Gathering) (59), Verse 16

The U.S acts exactly like this, it will commit a crime, it will commit an atrocity, and it will then, when caught – or many times as part of its process of preparing its allies to commit the crime – it will then distance itself, it will not take any responsibility for anything.

A glaring example of this is the lies given about the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the lies about the weapons of mass destruction. Lies that have now been proven, but that the U.S. and its allies such as the UK still refuse to acknowledge and admit – but that the evidence exposes.

Such devils continue this policy of refusing to take responsibility, of acknowledging they were wrong and lying and attempting to hide the issue, attempting to manipulate history to avoid the reality.

The ultimate result is that the U.S. administration and its allies refuse to learn the lessons of history and as a result will continue to repeat such catastrophic mistakes.

Thankfully, it seems that the people of the world are starting to get wise to these lies. However, I will not tangent this discourse over here, and perhaps another paper can be written discussing this and the idea of learning from mistakes in history so that such mistakes are not mindlessly repeated.

For now, returning to the context we are discussing, a simple example that indeed corresponds to the current events is as follows:

Following the murder of Hajj Qassem Soleimani and Hajj Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes and their companions by the U.S. administration, the Iraqi government unanimously decided that the U.S. military and mercenaries and such should leave Iraq completely and immediately.

A sovereign nation – Iraq – where the U.S. is a guest, and at whose invitation the U.S. military and related mercenary outfits are in Iraq, has now rescinded its invitation, and no longer wishes the U.S. and its mercenary forces to be present in its country.

Logic, decency and indeed international law would dictate that in such a scenario, the U.S. would politely leave. But what does the U.S. do?

It does two things that are very revealing and shed light to even a person who doesn’t understand the geopolitics of the region; as to the nature of the U.S. administration and indeed, lends much weight to the idea that it is in reality, the Great Satan.

The U.S. firstly decides to completely ignore the demand of the Iraqi government, suggesting that somehow another country – Iran, is given the blame by the U.S. in this instance – is controlling the government of Iraq and has somehow coerced the Iraqi parliament, a sovereign parliament I hasten to add, into making this demand and ruling.

The U.S. administration then goes on to suggest further that it is in Iraq to fight DAESH. A statement that has, based on evidence on the ground, no basis in any reality in any plane of existence.

Had the U.S. any intention of fighting DAESH, then why kill so brutally the two people who were directly responsible for weakening and removing the cancer of DAESH from the region? Hajj Qassem Soleimani and Hajj Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes are well known to have been at the forefront of fighting DAESH, this is a fact that no matter how much the mainstream media lies cannot be disputed.

In fact in doing what it has done, the U.S. has made DAESH very happy and indeed, aside from the vassal states of the U.S. such as the UK, none has celebrated the murder of Hajj Qassem and Hajj Abu Mahdi as much as DAESH and its elder sister, the so-called “State of Israel”.

It is also important to understand that while Hajj Qassem and the resistance fighters were fighting DAESH on the ground, and giving martyrs in this fight, great martyrs such as Martyr Hojaji to name but one; the U.S. in its Satanic nature, has not faced down DAESH face to face, rather it only fights in its “play station” manner of fighting.

Indeed, with some of the so-called U.S. “fighters” – fighting from the comfort of their own homes in the U.S. mainland. On top of that, when the U.S. professes to kill DAESH terrorists, the reality for the most part is that they are killing those fighting against DAESH, such as the murder of the 25 members of the Iraqi PMU (Popular Mobilisation Units, also known as Hashd al-Sh’abi) in the border region between Iraq and Syria.

The murder of people, of resistance fighters who were fighting against DAESH, who are murdered and blown to pieces by a drone operator, thousands of miles away, under the pretext of the “U.S. is fighting DAESH”.

What utter rubbish.

Another verse of the Quran, from the same chapter, Surah al-Hashr (The Gathering), Verse 14 comes to mind:

“They will not fight you all together except from fortified strongholds, or from behind walls. Their hostility towards each other is severe. You would think they are united, but their hearts are diverse. That is because they are a people who do not understand.”

Quran, Surah al-Hashr (The Gathering), Verse 14

We can also see that the manner of the U.S. with its so-called allies is not one that indicates unity and friendship. Rather, the approach of the U.S. is one of a bully, of hostility to anyone – enemy or ally – who opposes the whim of the U.S. administration.

This is evidenced by the fact that following this illegal murder, the U.S. applied extreme pressure to its so-called allies in the UK, France and Germany (to name but three), to declare (dishonestly and in contravention to the actual reality) that Iran had somehow gone against the so-called Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA).

It is important to understand that it was the U.S. that unilaterally left this deal shortly after this new Emperor Trump was inaugurated, and Trump hated the JCPOA because it was a deal that was “penned by” his predecessor.

It should be noted that while the U.S. administration under Emperor Obama was involved in the negotiations that led to the signing of the JCPOA, the JCPOA is a multilateral agreement, ratified by the United Nations, and not a deal signed or negotiated by one or two parties in isolation. But going into that I suppose for the limited intellectual capacity of Emperor Trump would be superfluous and excessive. However, the lack of ability by the U.S. administration to realise that the JCPOA was a multilateral agreement does not change the reality that it was.

It should also be noted that the withdrawal of the U.S. from the JCPOA under the auspices of Emperor Trump means categorically that it is the U.S., not Iran, that is in violation of the JCPOA, an international multi-lateral agreement, that the U.S. in its extreme arrogance has chosen to leave for no valid reason.

To clarify and make very clear, the only country that is breaking international law regarding the JCPOA is the United States, not Iran. Regardless of what Emperor Trump, his allies (or should I say vassals), or the mainstream media that chooses to cow tow to the whims of the mad Emperor chooses to spew. Reality does not change, just because someone says that it is not so.

If a house is on fire. If I declare, while the fire is in full view by everyone, that said house is not on fire. Does it change the reality? No, off course not, to suggest that is to be ignorant in the extreme. Rather, like any other lie, the only person being fooled by a lie is the one promoting the lie. A lie has a limited shelf-life, and ultimately will be exposed.

In the case of the burning house that we’ve used in the example above; after a while, regardless of whether I declare categorically that the house is not burning. After a while, it will be but a pile of charred rubble on the ground, and the fact that it burned down will have to be accepted even by those who never saw the burning house.

This is a reality, and people – especially corrupt politicians and members of the mainstream media who promote the lies they promote – need to understand. The lies will be exposed, sooner or later, but they will be exposed, that is a fact. However, as was said by Jesus, the son of Mary, and by all of God’s prophets and all the saints, “the truth will set you free”.

Perhaps people should consider the truth, perchance the world will be in a more stable and peaceful situation. But enough of this digression.

I will not discuss the validity or effectiveness of the JCPOA here, suffice it to say, that regardless of whether the U.S. Emperor is from the Democratic Party or from the Republican Party, this matters not, the positions are all but the same. They wish to bully people into doing what the Empire wants, regardless of the consequences.

It should also be noted, that even the previous Emperor, Obama of the Democratic party who was party to the negotiations – with many other countries – on this JCPOA, chose, at the point of the implementation of the JCPOA, and as a result the removal of many UN sanctions from Iran, Emperor Obama chose to apply the same if not similar sanctions on Iran unilaterally from the U.S.

So to further clarify, as the UN sanctions on Iran were lifted following the signing of the JCPOA, the U.S. moved those sanctions from being UN sanctions to being U.S. sanctions (complete with their whole idea of secondary or extra-territorial sanctions, a mechanism that many international human rights lawyers deem as illegal, but I shall bring this digression to a close here).

The problem with the U.S., in geopolitical and nation state terms is as follows. The U.S. as a country, a nation state, is less than 250 years old. It came about on the back of great deceptions – specifically of the native population of America, and indeed of their genocide.

Even a cursory study of the history of that time, and reading books such as “Bury my heart at Wounded Knee”, a book published in 1970, chronicling the history of the genocide of the native American population, shows the level of brutality that the entire U.S. project was built on. A brutality that is not unlike that shown by the same settler styled colony known today as “Israel” but that has been built on historic and occupied Palestine.

The fact that we still have Palestine in some way, is testimony to the resistance of the heroic people of Palestine, and indeed, it is important to understand that Hajj Qassem Soleimani was a great advocate of the rights of the people of Palestine and a great supporter of the Palestinian Resistance Movements who are fighting to secure their rights from the illegal occupiers that would rather the Palestinians disappear into the annals of history.

So, the U.S. is an entity built on lies, on genocide and on terrorism. A country that is less than 250 years old, and that has been in a state of war with the world for the vast majority of those 250 years, with historians stating that in those 250 years, there have been less than 20 years when the U.S. is not embroiled in a war with one nation or another.

The U.S. is like a spoilt child, who when they do not get their way, instead of understanding and being reasonable, chooses to throw its proverbial toys out of the pram and create problems. It has built up a huge arsenal of weapons, and uses them to bully the schoolyard, threatening anyone who has an opinion on anything that is different to that of the bully.

Coming back to the behaviour of the U.S. Empire when it is asked by the Iraqi parliament to leave Iraq, a statement of Emperor Trump in this regard, where he says that the only way that the U.S. admin are leaving Iraq is if they are “paid to leave”, and that they already have access to tens of billions of dollars of Iraqi Oil revenue that they will – for want of a better word – steal should the Iraqis continue to insist that they leave.

This is again further evidence of the mercenary nature of the U.S. administration. The fallacy of wanting to somehow bring about “democracy” or “human rights” or even the flagrant lie of “fighting terrorism” that the U.S. touts as excuses for its presence in Iraq are further proven as exactly that, as lies to further a goal.

It is well known that the U.S. which entered Syria – without any invite by the legitimate, democratically elected and sovereign government of Syria; there by entering Syria illegally – it provided cover to various terrorist groups which congealed into the entity known today as DAESH. Like DAESH, the U.S. is now stealing the oil of Syria claiming that somehow it – the U.S. Empire – is entitled to this oil.

So, for Emperor Trump to suggest something similar for Iraq, to suggest that the U.S. will freeze the Iraqi monies held in the U.S. is nothing surprising. After all, following the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the U.S. froze large amounts of money – Iranian sovereign money – that the lackey of the U.S., the dead Shah of Iran, Mr. Pahlavi – had placed in the U.S.

The Iranian funds have still not been given back to the people of Iran by the U.S. administration, though some people suggested that Emperor Obama gave back some monies to Iran following the signing of the JCPOA, that is a fallacy and a flagrant lie; and the U.S. still has stolen huge amounts of Iranian sovereign monies.

The same was attempted and indeed is being attempted by the U.S. against Venezuela, but that is, for this document at least – outside the scope of this discourse.

An important note here; for reasons that honestly could make up a thesis in “Stupid Economic Policies” could be discussed in depth here. The notion that the sovereign funds of Country A be placed into an account in Country B is so preposterous that it truly beggar’s belief!

I am not going to further elongate this paper by discussing this economic insanity; suffice it to say, that the only things that such a strategy can enable are twofold:

1/ Permit Country B (where the funds are held) to have leverage and control over Country A (who owns the funds).

2/ Permit corrupt politicians in Country A (who owns the funds deposited in Country B) to take what can only be surmised as back-handers from the public funds, and further the subjugation and oppression of Country A by Country B.

The sovereign funds of Country A, should be held by Country A, regardless of how complicated or difficult it might be transacting with Country A. Country B or even C or even D, should not be able to hold the funds of any other Country.

Should Country Z wish to transact with Country A, then they should transact with Country A directly and not via Country B. The oil wealth belongs to Country A, as a result when Country Z wishes to purchase said oil, it should be paying Country A, not paying Country B. The mere notion is ridiculous!

After all, if I want to buy a box of chocolates from my local convenience store, would I take the box of chocolates and send the money to a totally different store? Off course not. There is a word for such behaviour – taking things that you do not pay the owner of said thing for.

The word is theft. It’s quite simple.

I shall now bring this tangent to a close, so we can continue; but I will say to you my dear reader, do you understand how insane this whole situation is? The madness is perplexing and, honestly, it feels like we are living in an age where sanity has been flushed down the proverbial toilet and the world is governed by insane people!

Coming back to the subject at hand, the illegal assassination of Hajj Qassem Soleimani and Hajj Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes and their companions by way of illegal drone strikes on the Baghdad Airport Road on January 2, 2020 by the U.S. administration, under the explicit – so we are led to believe – orders of Emperor Trump.

Let us examine the idea of the response given by Iran.

Before continuing, let us make very clear that the response given by Iran thus far in terms of the missile strikes on Ayn al-Assad and Erbil U.S. Military Bases in Iraq are by no means a recompense for the murder of these heroes; who fought for decades against the scourge of terrorism be it wrapped up as DAESH or as Saddam (both of whom are and were manufactured products of the U.S. administration and can be the subject of far more detailed studies – but again I will avoid a digression here once more).

Rather they are – as mentioned by the leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei, may God protect him, they are but a “slap in the face” of the U.S. Empire.

The ultimate revenge, and recompense for the U.S. administration’s crime of murdering Hajj Qassem and Hajj Abu Mahdi will be the ejection of the U.S. administration from the West Asia region (commonly called Middle East – which is a bizarre term, since Middle East of what?? So, the term that will be used in this document will be West Asia which is far more accurate and factually true).

In order to understand the missile strikes by the Islamic Republic of Iran and its armed forces against the U.S. bases in Iraq, we must go back to our understanding of the bully that we spoke about earlier.

We have posited and explained how the U.S. is but a bully, and it is well known, psychologists and teachers, parents and grandparents have taught their children for generations that never bow down to a bully, but stand tall and stand for your rights. If you give the bully even one tiny finger, that bully will be empowered and will want your entire hand, your entire arm and then your entire existence.

The only way to deal with a bully is to be firm, and to never bow down to the humiliation that the bully wishes to inflict on you, a humiliation that will harm you hugely, but that will ultimately harm the bully even more; since it will further the bully’s arrogance, an arrogance that will destroy the bully, of this be certain.

Acquiescing to the whims of a bully, is to allow the law of the jungle to prevail; and to hand over your entire dignity and honour to another. This is fundamentally opposed to the human condition, and regardless of the social conditioning that the social conditioners wish to apply, this is ingrained into the human psyche.

A person has dignity, has honour and their own self-respect. To bow down to the bully, to bend the proverbial knee is to somehow accept that you are inferior and less than the bully. This goes against the basic dignity and self-respect.

We are all human, we all come from the Earth and will return to the Earth, of this there is no doubt.

Therefore, what makes one person superior to another? The Quran indicates that very clearly; that it is righteousness (meaning honour, decency, dignity, awareness of God), such qualities are intangible, and are not made up of weapons and temporal power – regardless of how “beautiful” said weapons (that have a purpose of only killing and maiming) might be perceived by the weak-minded and bullyish peoples. The Quran speaks of this clearly in Surah al-Hujuraat (The Chambers), Chapter 49, in verse 13:

“O people! We created you from a male and a female, and made you races and tribes, that you may know one another. The best among you in the sight of God is the most righteous. God is All-Knowing, Well-Experienced.”

Quran, Surah al-Hujuraat (The Chambers) (49), Verse 13

We can see that the U.S. Empire is acting in this manner exactly. It used its bullying techniques against it’s so-called allies with regard to various trade deals historically, it has used these bullying tactics and threats against the EU3 with regard to the JCPOA – as I have mentioned earlier; and it wants to use these same techniques against the Islamic Republic of Iran and against the Resistance Axis as a whole also.

When the Islamic Republic of Iran fired the 12 missiles at the Ayn al-Assad and Erbil bases in Iraq on January 8, 2020 – they showed a strong message. The Americans by their own admission say that the damage was extensive, but that casualties were – to quote the U.S. administration – zero. Off course, it should be noted that there is evidence coming out that indicates that there were injuries, and some western news (the term news is used loosely but nevertheless) agencies are suggesting there have been some casualties, number vary, but are not relevant in the course of this discourse; as we are taking the official position of the U.S. administration, which indicates that there were zero casualties.

This is very important. The fact that Iran, a country under what are referred to as “crippling and maximum pressure” sanctions, including extra-territorial sanctions that prohibit other countries from engaging in trade with Iran out of fear that they will be blocked from trading with the U.S.; can stand tall, and in the face of overwhelming odds can hit back – but do so with honour, with dignity and with humanity. Destroying buildings that were key command and control positions for the U.S. in Iraq, but – according to the U.S. admin themselves – kill no soldiers or personnel.

For Iran to then be ready for the U.S. to – as per the threat – another illegal statement and one that flagrantly and once more transgresses international law – of Emperor Trump, where he had said that should Iran retaliate for the murder of Hajj Qassem, that 52 sites of cultural importance in Iran and to Iranians (and the region) have been targeted and will be destroyed by the U.S. For Iran, to, in the face of that threat, stand firm and tall, and make it’s stand against the U.S. – this is monumental and indeed historic.

To quote Imam Khamenei on his first Friday sermon after eight years, which was delivered on Friday, January 16, 2020; “the day when Iran hits back at the U.S. bases in Iraq was surely a Day of God”.

The idea of “Day of God” is an important one in Islamic thought; and indeed, permeates through the Abrahamic faiths. An example of a Day of God, was the day when God parted the Red Sea and helped the Israelites escape the clutches of the despotic Pharaoh; and indeed the same sea once the Israelites had passed through, closed back and drowned all of Pharaoh’s military, Pharaoh himself and his generals.

The subject and idea of “Day of God” is an important one, and God willing, a paper discussing and elaborating on this idea should be scribed in due course.

Suffice it to say, that a Day of God, is a day when God stands with the oppressed, with the believers, another example in history is the day when David stood against Goliath and destroyed the overwhelming power of Goliath with what appeared to be ease, a feat that was accomplished and that protected the Israelites against overwhelming odds.

The Quran speaks of this event in detail, but we will suffice here with two verses from the second – and longest chapter of the Quran, Surah al-Baqarah (The Cow), Verses 250 to 251:

“And when they confronted Goliath and his troops, they said, “Our Lord, pour down patience on us, and strengthen our foothold, and support us against the faithless people.”

And they defeated them by God’s leave, and David killed Goliath, and God gave him sovereignty and wisdom, and taught him as He willed. Were it not for God restraining the people, some by means of others, the earth would have gone to ruin.

But God is gracious towards mankind.”

Quran, Surah al-Baqarah (The Cow) (2), Verse 250 to 251

This is the idea of standing up to the tyrant, to the aggressor to the oppressor. That if you stand against a tyrant and your intention and motivation is for the spread of justice and dignity, of Truth and honour across the land, then God will be with you, He will assist you, and when God assists you, there is none that can overcome you.

From a psychological perspective, a bully, in being a bully, exposes the reality that they are in fact, extremely insecure in and of themselves. They need to dominate over others, in order to disguise their own inferiority, by projecting a false and deceptive superiority.

A bully needs constant validation: they need people to look up to them and indeed fear them. This is the nature of the bully. This is the same whether the bully is in the schoolyard, in the workplace or on the global geopolitical stage.

When a bully is stood up to. When a bully is told:

“No, we will not let you humiliate us, and we are not frightened of you.”

The bully, regardless of what “beautiful” weaponry or perceived power said bully might have, the bully will crumble. They cannot cope with being stood up to, and indeed require everyone to humiliate themselves in front of the bully.

This fact has been proven in many a schoolyard, many a workplace and over the course of history in the geopolitical arena.

Islam, the true Islam of Muhammad, has always taught – and indeed all the divine Abrahamic faiths have always taught the idea of never accepting humiliation and standing firm against the tyrants and despots, standing firm against the bullies; and that God is always with the oppressed and righteous.

In this way, we must understand, that the Islamic Republic of Iran standing tall against the threats and schemes of the U.S. administration, has shown to the world the true face of the U.S.; and shown that the U.S. cannot do anything, as mentioned more than 40 years ago by the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran and late leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini, may God rest and bless his pure soul.

Finally, before I conclude this paper, let us assert one important point. The fight against DAESH (and indeed against the U.S. sponsored and supported terrorism in the region), will not stop or even weaken with the murder of Hajj Qassem Soleimani; rather; as was the case when the Israeli regime decided to make what it referenced as a “decapitation strike” against the Islamic Resistance Movement in Lebanon, known as Hizbullah back in 1992 by murdering the then Secretary General of the movement, Sayyed Abbas al-Musawi; the pure blood shed by the tyrants will further strengthen the Resistance and will ensure without any doubt the removal of the aggressor and occupiers from the region.

When the Israelis assassinated Sayyed Abbas al-Musawi, they felt that this would destroy the Islamic Resistance Movement in Lebanon, that they would have no leadership left, that they would crumble and fall apart at the proverbial seams. The exact opposite happened.

Following the martyrdom of Sayyed Abbas, the reality of the Israeli occupation was further understood, even by those who were sceptical of the Resistance against Israeli occupation previously.

The movement far from falling apart, elected Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah as it’s Secretary General, and within less than a decade, the Israelis overwhelmed by the Resistance against their illegal presence in Lebanon, were forced to take their proverbial tail, place said tail between their legs and leave Lebanon in abject humiliation in the middle of the night. The Israeli’s left Lebanon, declaring that “Lebanon had become a living hell for them”.

Six years later the Israelis tried to occupy Lebanon again, off course many pretexts and excuses were given, but the goal the Israelis had was to occupy Lebanon and make it bend the knee to Israeli (and ultimately U.S.) hegemony in the region.

The adventure in 2006 was an abject failure, and this is not according to only sources in the Resistance Axis but based on the reports of the United Nations. The Israeli adventure in 2006 achieved nothing from their war objectives but resulted in the murder of more than 1,200 innocent civilians in Lebanon from the indiscriminate bombing of Beirut and specifically it’s Southern Suburbs by the Israeli War Machine.

The U.S. that was initially praising the Israeli war effort, after mere weeks, when it became clear that the equation in Lebanon of People, Army and Resistance that kept the country safe, and that the Resistance to the Israeli aggression led by Hizbullah was not going to be defeated, regardless of the number of fancy and “beautiful” weapons that the Israelis were given by the U.S. and it’s allies; began a frantic diplomatic frenzy, headed by John Bolton, to try to find a ceasefire solution; since it became clear that militarily there was no way for the Israeli/U.S. to have any sort of military victory in Lebanon.

Off course I won’t go into details of the 2006 war or the 2000 retreat of the Israelis and as such, much more profound books and papers have been written on the subject; but I wanted to explain the idea that if the U.S. is under any illusion that by murdering Hajj Qassem, they will somehow break the back of the Resistance, then they need to perhaps read some more history.

The exact opposite of what they want will happen – and this is further clarified by the verses of the Quran that make up the epilogue of this paper.

There is much more that can be said on this subject, but this paper has already gotten far longer than I had initially anticipated, so I will bring the article to a close.

I would like to end with a series of verses of Quran, that further inform the free thinker, the one who refuses to bow down and be humiliated, that if you are working for the Truth, for Justice; if you are standing up to terror and oppression, then know that God is with you, and if God is with you, there is none that can overcome you:

“We narrate to you from the history of Moses and Pharaoh—in truth—for people who believe.

Pharaoh exalted himself in the land and divided its people into factions. He persecuted a group of them, slaughtering their sons, while sparing their daughters. He was truly a corrupter.

But We desired to favour those who were oppressed in the land, and to make them leaders, and to make them the inheritors.

And to establish them in the land; and to show Pharaoh, Hamaan, and their troops, the very thing they feared.”

Quran, Surah al-Qasas (The Narrations), Verses 3 to 6

And from God alone is all ability and He has authority over all things and is a witness to all that transpires.

Shabbir Hassanally

Shabbir Hassanally is a software engineer, and an Islamic Scholar, having studied in the Islamic Seminary of Qum. He contributes to various outlets as a political analyst.

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