Abu Bakr al Baghdadi as an agent of imperialism against the Islamic world: an interview with Dr. Olsi Jazexhi

In an interview with the Balkans Post, Dr. Olsi Jazexhi, a Canadian-Albanian historian, said terrorism is a strategic weapon of Western imperialism in the Muslim world.
Dr. Olsi Jazexhi

Terrorism “is one of the tools through which the West wages hybrid war against the Islamic civilization,” he said.

“ISIS, Al Qaeda, Wahabi/Takfiri groups and on the top of them Israel have been and are used in the Muslim world to create chaos, terrorism and destruction.”

The full transcript of the interview is presented here:

Balkans Post: The United States has announced that the world’s number one terrorist leader – AKA ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – is dead. How would this development affect ISIS?

Olsi Jazexhi: The ‘killing’ of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was an act that the U.S. administration had to do since President Donald Trump is trying to pull the U.S. troops out of what he calls “the endless wars” in the Middle East. Al-Baghdadi like Osama Bin Laden before him were creations of Western and Arab secret services. ISIS (ISIL, DAESH) or the Islamic State in Syria and Levant like Al Qaeda before them are violent terrorist organizations that secret services have created for their strategic aims. Western secret services have created such terrorist organizations since the time of Lawrence of Arabia, when the British radicalized the Bedouins and the Arabs, turned them into ‘jihadis’ and sent them to fight against their ‘infidel’ Ottoman Muslim protectors.

In the 1990s we witnessed the creation of GIA (Groupe Islamique Armé) in Algeria by French and Algerian secret service. GIA did in Algeria exactly what DAESH did in Syria. Mass killings, massacres, rape etc. in the name of Islam. They had a fake Caliph, Cherif Gousmi, aka Abu Abdallah Ahmed like ISIS had Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Terrorism is a strategic weapon of Western imperialism in the Muslim world. It is one of the tools through which the West wages hybrid war against the Islamic civilization. ISIS, Al Qaeda, Wahabi/Takfiri groups and on the top of them Israel have been and are used in the Muslim world to create chaos, terrorism and destruction. ISIS was created in Syria and Iraq to frighten the Syrians and Iraqis and force them to abandon their homelands and immigrate. Without the existence of ISIS, Al-Nusra and other violent Wahabi/Takfiri groups the West and Israel would have not been able to destroy the nation-states of Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Somalia etc. and force millions of Muslims to flee their homeland towards Turkey, Europe and Asia. While in Algeria, GIA was used by the French and the Algerian regime to impose a military dictatorship and discredit the request of the Algerians for free and fair democratic elections, in Syria and Iraq, ISIS served the Israeli and American agenda for the destruction of these Arab republics. The campaign of mass terror that ISIS waged in Syria and Iraq, served the long-term agenda of Israel which wants to destroy its Arab nations, depopulate them and create the Biblical Eretz Yisrael.

The ‘killing’ (be it real or not) of the fake ISIS Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, which was ‘transmitted live’ in the White House Situation Room was similar to what President Obama did in 2011 when his administration ‘eliminated’ the then number one enemy of the United States, Osama Bin Laden. The killing of Bin Laden was staged like the killing of al-Baghdadi. For the people who have seen the movie ‘Wage the Dog’ where the advisers of the United States President, Conrad Brean (Robert De Niro) and Stanley Motss (Dustin Hoffman) create terrorists and wars, kill them and thus help their president get re-elected, can also understand that the killing of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and Bin Laden falls into the same script.

Terrorism is a strategic weapon of the West which it deploys in order to advance its imperialist agenda against the Muslim world and its other opponents. The violent jihadis were used by the British in 1916 against the Ottomans, by the Americans in 1980s against the Soviet Union and nowadays they are used to topple and destroy those Muslim governments that the West and Israel does not like. Sometimes the jihadis are used to cause terror even in Western capitals, since in this way they generate anger which in return is used by the Western governments to justify their wars in the Middle East.

Thanks to the so-called ‘War on terror’ that the Americans launched after 9/11 the American imperialism has managed to not only destroy the lives of millions of Muslims in the world and their countries, but at the same time to demonize Islam in a global scale and legitimize its illegal wars in the name of the fight against terrorism and in ‘defense of civilization and democracy’. The war on terror has been used as a strategic weapon even by Chinese social-imperialists. The government of Xi Jinping has copied America’s ‘war on terror’ to produce a Chinese version of ‘war on terror’. They have and are committing a mass cultural genocide against the Turkic Muslims of Xinjiang and have built mass concentration camps where Muslims are forced to renounce Islam and become Han Chinese. The ‘war on terror’ has been used by many governments throughout the world to restrict the rights and liberties of millions of people, to suppress opposition parties and help authoritarian regimes subdue and mass control their citizens.

The ‘killing’ of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Syria’s Idlib, which according to the Russian Ministry of Defense cannot be proven, was an American show staged by President Trump who wants to convince the American public opinion that he has won over the ISIS, has killed its fake Caliph and now the time is right for the Americans to retreat from the Middle East and fix their economy at home. However, like in the Wage the Dog movie, the spin doctors of West who invented ISIS in the first place are doing their best to stop President Trump from retreating from the Middle East and keep America fight endless wars for the sake of Israel and the military industrial complex.

BP: ISIS on Thursday named Abu Ibrahim al-Hashemi al-Qurayshi as its new leader. It also said it would continue its mission across the world. Do you think ISIS would be capable of reviving itself?

Olsi Jazexhi: I have followed the story of the creation of ISIS since the begging of the Syrian war. ISIS was created by mass propaganda that major Arab and Western news outlets made against the government of Syria. By depicting Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad as a butcher, a heretic Alawi, a dictator etc., they incited millions of Sunni Muslims throughout the world to hate the Syrian government and want to topple it. The ideology which ISIS used to mass radicalize millions of Muslims throughout the world was Saudi Wahabism which depicted the Syrians and Iraqis as heretics and infidels who had to be killed or forcefully converted into the Wahabi version of Islam. Thousands of mosques from the United States to Indonesia, social media platforms and many publications were used to brainwash the Muslims and convince them that the Saudi state and its Takfiri allies were waging a holy jihad in Syria.

Saudi Takfirism has been used in the history of Islam since the time of the Ottoman Empire, when the Wahabis declared the Ottoman Muslims infidels and rebelled against the Turkish Caliph and later joined the British against the European and Anatolian Muslims who were defending the Holy Land from Christian imperialism. When the British and French armies invaded Arabia, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Egypt etc. and fought the Ottomans, the imperialists were joined and supported by radicalized Wahabi and Bedouins who were acting like ISIS today.

The Wahabi/Takfiri ideology which is alive and mass-propagated in Saudi Arabia can create a new ISIS whenever the West and Saudi rulers need it. While ISIS has been defeated in Syria and in Iraq, it is alive in Yemen where the Wahabi groups are backed by the Saudis and Emiratis in their fight against the Yemeni Army and the Houthis.

The new leader of ISIS, Abu Ibrahim al-Hashemi al-Qurayshi, is just another puppet in the great fake game against the image of Muslims and Islam that ISIS and international Wahabism plays whenever the Saudis and the West need to.

However, the victory of Syria, Iraq, Russia, Turkey and Iran in defeating ISIS in Syria, America’s withdraw from the region and its abandonment of Saudi Arabia and Israel make the revival of ISIS more difficult than before. Moreover, the international Muslim community who understood that the ‘jihad in Syria’ was in fact an American – Israeli – Saudi crusade is no longer easily deceived to join a new ISIS front.

BP: What is there to know about the main causes that led to emergence of ISIS?

Olsi Jazexhi: The Muslim world has been suffering from colonialism, imperialism, dictatorship, poverty and abuse since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Caliphate which was replaced by the secular nation state and European colonialism did not improve the lives of millions of Muslims. The British, the French, the Russian, the Chinese and the Israeli colonization of Muslim lands from India up to East Turkestan and Palestine turned the Muslims into second class citizens of non-Muslim states and empires. Socialism, nationalism, laicism, authoritarianism and the dictatorial regimes which were installed in the Muslim world during the last century made the Muslims suffer and require another system of life which would improve their way of living and preserve their traditions.

The revivalist Islamic movements of the 20th century from the Ihwan al-Muslimin (Muslim Brotherhood) in Egypt, to Jamaat al-Islami in Pakistan and Milli Gorush in Turkey told to Muslims that their suffering would end once they return to Islam and liberate their countries from non-Muslim colonialism. The 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran which overthrew the joke of the Shah and saw the birth of the Islamic Republic of Iran, convinced the Sunni Muslims of the world that they too have to create their own Islamic republics.

Revolutions in the Muslims world emerge because Muslims want to overthrow their corrupt governments, improve their lives, remove their secular dictators, live in freedom and moreover decolonize their countries from the Western control. However, the totalitarian monarchies of the Muslim world who understand the threat that the decolonization revolutions movements can bring to their power, especially after they saw the results of the Islamic Revolution of Iran have worked to create a Takfiri and medieval version of Islam, which is reactionary, counter-revolutionary, anti-Islamic and terrorist in nature. Whenever we see a decolonialist movement or a regime in the Muslim world – be it in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Palestine etc., the Gulf dictatorial regimes who fear for their future will immediately employ Wahabism in the form of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, GIA etc. to sabotage the revolution. Organizations like ISIS are used to discredit the liberationist, democratic and republican movements of the Muslim World. GIA in Algeria, ISIS in Syria and Iraq or Al Qaeda in Afghanistan are used as an antidote by the Gulf monarchies and the Americans to scare the Muslims from Islam and convince Muslim societies to accept the tyrannical and colonial regimes where they live into.

China is doing the same like the Gulf Monarchies. In its oppression of Uyghur Muslims in East Turkistan/Xinjiang it is using the ghost of ISIS/Turkistan Islamic Party to claim that the majority of the Uyghur Muslims are terrorists and must be sent to concentration camps to be ‘deradicalized’, ‘deislamized’ and has declared Islam an extremist religion.

BP: Do the conditions that created ISIS and other terrorist groups in the Middle East still exist? What has changed and what hasn’t?

Olsi Jazexhi: The conditions for revolution exist everywhere in the Middle East. The Muslim world is run by corrupt autocrats and dictators who are kept in power by the West. Muslims are poor, unemployed, isolated, and ruled by extremist secular governments and dictators. We have seen how the Syrian people won against the foreign invasion, how the Yemenis have removed their puppet President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi and have established popular governments.

The revolts like we witnessed during the Arab Spring in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen a few years ago show that the Middle East is in turmoil and people are fighting for change. However, the Gulf monarchies who are afraid of this change and do not want to see themselves lose power, like the Shah of Iran lost to the popular revolution of Iran or like Mubarak lost to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, will always create new ISIS-like movements in order to discredit the movements for freedom and democracy in the Muslim world by unleashing the evil forces of Takfiri/Wahabism. When the Muslim Brotherhood won the elections in Egypt, the Saudis used their Takfiri/Wahabi allies to create fitna and finally overthrow the democratically elected government of President Muhamed Morsi.

The ISIS/Wahabi ghost will be deployed anywhere in the Middle East when its people would like to have democracy and republican system.

BP: What would be the best way to prevent emergence of such terrorist groups, which claim to be Islamic?

Olsi Jazexhi: The Sunni Muslim world needs to create its own Papacy or Caliphate, like it had for the past 1400 years. The destruction of the Ottoman Caliphate in Turkey 95 years ago has created a huge spiritual vacuum in the Sunni Muslim world. After the death of Gamal Abdul Nasser, Sadam Hussein and Gadaffi, Arab nationalism has also failed and lost its power to control the Arab people.

Sunni Islam nowadays is like Christianity in the time of Reformation. Unlike the Shi’ia Islam which is ruled by the Ayatollahs, the Sunnis have no spiritual power to guide and protect them from the Takfiri/Wahabi terrorism. This spiritual vacuum which was formed by the abolishment of the Ottoman Caliphate has in the past decades been filled by the Saudi/Wahabi ideology which the Saudi state propagates as ‘the real Islam’. For as long as Saudi Arabia is in charge of the teachings of Islam in the world, has immense oil resources and backing for the Americans and Israel and controls the Holy Mosques of Mecca and Media, the image of Muslims and Islam will be hostage of the medieval House of al-Saud.

The Sunni Muslim world must revive its traditional independent institutions of Islam, like Al-Azhar University in Egypt, the Ottoman ilmiyeh institutions of Turkey or its schools of Islam which were developed in Damascus. These institutions must produce the correct version of Islam like the late Shaykh Muhammad Said Ramadan al-Bouti did in Damascus (who was killed by the Wahabis during the Syrian war). However, for the moment the borders of the nation-state and the imperialist conspiracies inside the domains of Islam have destroyed all the institutions of Islam and the Sunni world is in total chaos. Muslims need to decolonize their countries and their religion from Wahabism and imperialism and turn to the true teachings of Prophet Muhammad and the Quran. Only in this way, Islam will save itself from terrorism.

Olsi Jazexhi is a Canadian-Albanian historian who is specialized in the history of Islam, nationalism and religious reformation in Southeastern Europe. His interest covers nationalism, radicalism, religious and ethnic identities in the Balkans.

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