The mission of Balkans Post is to bring cogent and accurate analysis of Balkans events in a truthful and unfiltered manner. We feel like we can do a much better job of succeeding in this mission than other websites and news outlets because we are unencumbered by the ideological boundaries of right and left. This allows us to not shy away from truth and to relentlessly pursue it no matter which road it leads us down.

But this does not mean that we are proponents of "moral equivalency" or that we deceitfully uphold the banner of "objectivity." We recognize the existence of Good and Evil in both the spiritual realm and in the earthly realm of politics and geopolitics and we unapologetically and unabashedly side with the former against the latter, no matter how imperfect and tainted the Good might be. We live in an age where injustice and corruption rule supreme, where decadence and depravity are the norm and self-worship and self-gratification are upheld as the highest of virtues. There is nothing on earth that remains untainted, no individual, no structure, no institution. But that doesn't mean that imperfect and tainted individuals, structures and institutions are incapable of fighting against the encroaching tide of darkness that threatens to envelope us all and that those of us who recognize them for what they are and see the disgusting, villainous hordes arrayed against them cannot give them aid and succor as best we can.

This is precisely what we see our mission here at Balkans Post as being.

While we are based in the Balkans and the Balkans is central to our analysis of the world, it is far from being our sole area of expertise or the only area of the world that we are interested in covering. Wheresoever the battle rages, we will cover it for you and strive to cut through the fog of deception and lies that it will always be wrapped in.

We thank you for your interest and your support and we hope that you find us worthy of it.