ISIS prepares new attacks, Kosovo Albanian leader of ISIS worked for NATO

Lavdrim Muhaxheri

"19 people were arrested in Kosovo, presumably they were connecting with ISIS and were suspected in the preparation and financing of terrorist acts on the territory of the Balkans. The people in detention are citizens of Albania, FYR Macedonia and Kosovo Muslims.

One of the attacks was planned to take place in Albania during a football match between Israel and Albania. The police of Pristina reports that terrorists were planning to make a «synchronous attack» using drones, explosives and firearms.

Moreover, Mossad participated in this operation." [1]

"Unconfirmed media reports have mentioned Kosovo institutions and Serbian Orthodox Church sites as possible terrorist targets.

The people who were arrested were divided into several groups and were being coordinated by two Kosova ISIS members, Lavdim Muhaxheri and Ridvan Haqifi, the police said.

Muhaxheri and Haqifi are high-ranking members of ISIS in charge of Kosovo and Albanian fighters." [2]

"Kosovo Albanian Jihadist leader who led the troops of the ISIS into Falluja worked for NATO and Afghanistan, reports say. The 26-year old Kosovo Albanian Muslim, Lavdrim Muhaxheri from city of Kacanik, worked at NATOs Camp Bondsteel facility of Serbia’s occupied province of Kosovo. It is unclear what his function at Bondsteel was.

Muhaxheri was also an activist for the official Islamic Community inside Kosovo which is the unofficial political arm of the separatist Albanians who enjoy wide support from Washington. In 2013, Muhaxheri is pictured in various situations for the Islamic Community in Kosovo.

Muhaxheri did 2 tours of Islamic duty for the Islamic Caliphate. First time, he left for Syria in 2012 and upon return in 2013, as a seasoned Jihadist for Islam, he joined the official Islamic Community of Kosovo which apparently welcomed him.

In his interview for a newspaper Dita in Tirana, Albania, Muhaxheri said that what he did was nothing different then what the US-sponsored and financed Kosovo Albanian terrorist group, KLA, did in Kosovo to Serbs.

“I am accused that I cut off one man’s head? I did nothing less nor more then the soldiers of the KLA during the war. I placed the photos of those deeds by the KLA on Facebook,” Muhaxheri is quoted as saying.

Muhaxheri is but one example of how US-backed Kosovo Albanian separatists enter war in large numbers.

According to the Saudi blueprint for the Balkans, Bosnia, Kosovo and Serbia’s Sandzak are to become “independent” countries and FYR Macedonia is to be split with a half dominated by Muslims.

“In 1999, on the eve of NATOs aggression on Serbia, Organization for Islamic Cooperation welcomed Sandzak as a country into this organization. US policy in the Balkans has followed the Saudi blueprint so far so there is no reason why it should change now,” notes the professor Jevtic.

Muhaxheri’s work for US-led NATO troops in the Balkans then comes as no surprise and it is to be expected that among the allegedly “just” 300 Kosovo Albanian terrorists for the ISIS, some of them have been seasoned by the NATO in Kosovo. [3]

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