In utter contempt of the institution of academic tenure, on Oct. 4 the President of my University suspended me. Through a process of peer review I was granted tenure in the early 1990s. In 2008 I was promoted, again through the process of peer review, to the rank of full professor. My application for promotion went forward in the face of concerted opposition from the administrative side of my University’s system of internal governance.

The rights of my students were violated when I was harshly pulled from the classroom in mid-term without any process of arbitration or due process whatsoever. The fact that such police state-style intervention could take place in a Canadian university illustrates Canada’s decline towards abject subordination to the repressive priorities of the Israeli lobby. This process of Israelification of Canada has apparently accelerated in the transition of leadership from Stephen Harper to Justin Trudeau. 

This most recent effort to discredit and disable my academic work began in late August of this year with the malicious planting on my Facebook page of a disgusting image and text that I did not author, invite, or sanction. In fact I publicly condemned the post’s horrific content in mid-September as soon as I became aware of its vile contents. My own research into the origins and chain of custody of the offensive item lead me to suspect that there is an elaborate conspiracy behind its deployment. The engineering and planting of the offensive item to initiate a campaign of smear and disinformation against me quite probably emerges from a malevolent collaboration linking the Canadian branch of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith to the social media giant, Facebook.

It is well known that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met recently. Their objective was to oversee transformations of the Internet’s most muscular social media platform into a propaganda agency biased towards the cover up of Israeli assaults on Palestinians. This assault on the Palestinians lies at the origins of a trajectory of malfeasance involving many law enforcement agencies including within Canada. Many of the top officials in these agencies recive training from military, police and surveillance state operatives in Israel. With Palestinians as their guinea pigs, Israeli officials have developed the coercive arts and sciences of repression now being directed more broadly against the human rights and civil liberties of regular citizens throughout the so-called “West”.

The B’nai Brith/Facebook operation beginning in late August served the dual purpose of crippling my ability to serve my academic calling. This collaborative initiative also served to soften up public opinion to accept more readily a regime of pro-Israeli, anti-Palestinian censorship on Facebook in the name of combatting “anti-Semitism.”  

B’nai Brith Canada, whose stated mission is to “advocate for the security of Israel,” spun its account of the FB post placed on my page in a way well calculated to create hysteria among its membership. One of the phrases in the offending item, “kill all Jews,” was manipulated to imply it reflected the actual views of this University professor.

The B’nai Brith’s aggressive smear and disinformation was picked up, mirrored and amplified including by Now Magazine in Toronto. Its proprietor and publisher, Alice Klein I once considered a friend.

I am taking the liberty of reproducing in its entirety the Now Magazine essay written by Bernie Farber. Mr. Farber goes as far as associating me with the disgusting words in the engineered FB as if they emanated from my mouth, my pen and my thoughts. Such is not the case, decidedly not the case. Mr. Farber seems desperate to create a phantom anti-Semitism so that this opportunistic Liberal politician can get himself pictured combatting it.

As is well know to my colleagues and former students, my academic career as well as my political activism has been directed for decades combating genocide in all its many manifestations including the genocidal actions currently pointed against the Palestinians by the Jewish state of Israel.

Who is responsible for producing the offending words and text? I suspect that B’nai Bith Canada or related agencies may have had a role in creating the offensive Facebook item whose content is conveniently susceptible to being transformed into “evidence” for the prosecution in some future hate speech litigation.

A notorious enemy of free speech in Canada and an anti-Alberta bigot of the first order, Mr. Farber writes

Now Magazine, Toronto

Facebook removes anti-Semitic post after online blowback


SEPTEMBER 7, 2016 5:30 PM

Approximately 200 kilometres south of Calgary, the small town of Lethbridge, Alberta, has been in the news recently because of the Facebook ravings on the social media site of Anthony Hall, a professor at the University of Lethbridge. 

Hall gives every appearance of being both a conspiracy nutter and a classic anti-Semite. Like his late Eckville, Alberta, neighbour James Keegstra, Hall has found a comfortable home amongst Holocaust deniers. 

He has publicly embraced the ridiculous and obnoxious notions of Gerard Menuhin, who has purported to have proof that the Holocaust is a myth. He [Menuhuin] claims, "The Holocaust is the biggest lie in history. Germany has no blame for the Second World War."

In commenting on Menuhin's Holocaust-denial book Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil, Hall explained, "So, I'm reading that text and having to reassess a lot of ideas." He went on to say that the book is a "very dramatic re-looking at what happened in Europe in World War Two."

But wait - there's more. Like any good Jew-hater, Hall also engages in Jewish conspiracy theories. 

In 2009, after giving speech at the University of Manitoba, [wrong. The episode took place at the University of Winnipeg] Hall reportedly linked Israel's intelligence service, Mossad, with 9/11. He has also accused Jewish Zionists of attempting to discredit and demonize Islam through their control of Western media, and referred to former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke as a man who needs to be heard because of some "very astute analysis." [wrong]

In late August, B'nai Brith exposed a hateful and genocidal anti-Jewish comment by one Glen Davidson that appeared on Hall's Facebook page. It was about as bad as it gets when it comes to graphic anti-Semitism: the image of a man assaulting what appears to be an Orthodox Jewish man. Next to that photo a screed that might have made Keegstra blush.

It claims that there was never a Holocaust but should have been, and rest assured, there will be, adding, "I will not rest until every single filthy, parasitic kike is rounded up and slaughtered. The greedy hook-nosed kikes know that their days are numbered" It ends with a call to "KILL ALL JEWS NOW! EVERY LAST ONE."

Incredibly, when B'nai Brith informed Facebook about the offensive post, the company initially claimed it did not violate Facebook community standards. Those standards state, among other things, that Facebook will remove hate speech "which includes content that directly attacks people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin or religious affiliation, among other things."

The policy goes on to state that Facebook will "remove content, disable accounts and work with law enforcement when we believe there is a genuine risk of physical harm or direct threats to public safety." 

Following a backlash on social media, Facebook sheepishly admitted it had erred in its assessment and the post was removed. To the best of my knowledge, Hall was never moved to delete this post himself. [Facebook did not inform of its intervention. I did not become aware of this operation until mid-Sept. at which time I condemned the post said to have been created by Joshua Goldberg, a young Jewish man currently in custody for allegedly trying to funnel bomb making information to Islamic jihadists]

In a related twist, the combined efforts of B'nai Brith Canada and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs were unable to move the University of Lethbridge to take action against Hall. Yet Murray Watson, a religious studies professor at the Centre for Biblical Formation, elicited a strongly worded response to a letter he sent to university president Mike Mahon. 

The response from Mahon reads in part: "The University cannot control what users do and say on social media channels. However, if we discover that such vile comments have come from a member of our University community, that individual will be subject to the appropriate disciplinary measures available to us."

This should serve as a valuable lesson, says Amanda Hohmann, national director of B'nai Brith's League for Human Rights. "Every year, upon publication of our Annual Audit Of Antisemitic Incidents, a contingent of detractors accuses us of saying the sky is falling," says Hohmann. "Content like this is proof positive that... anti-Semitism of a genocidal nature exists in Canada."

Bernie Farber is executive director of the Mosaic Institute.


The desired effect was brought about by the bare-faced dishonesty combined with malicious recklessness displayed by the B’nai Brith and its operatives including Bernie Farber and Alice Klein. One result was a stream of E-Mails and petition signatures going to my University President, Dr. Mike Mahon.

Without doing any due diligence research of his own, Dr. Mahon swallowed the lies from the planted FB item. In fact this administrator, himself an academic expert in Kinesiology, replicated the B’nai Brith lies, misrepresentations and distortions in his public pronouncements on behalf of the University of Lethbridge. Of course Dr. Mahon is as entitled as any other citizen to his personal views on any subject but the long and the short of it is that the U of Lethbridge president lacks professional expertise in the fields in which I have been hired, tenured and promoted at the University of Lethbridge over a 26 year period.

Without any due process of third-party adjudication whatsoever, the U of L President joined into the onslaught of slander against me echoing the Anti Defamation League’s favourite weaponized words, namely anti-Semitic” and “conspiracy theorist” and “holocaust denier.” These weaponized terms are frequently and maliciously flung at those whose research leads them to the conclusion that the Israeli government acts ruthlessly and sometimes in a genocidal manner against many populations in the Middle East region. This maltreatment is directed most notoriously at the Palestinian population indigenous to the territory where the expansionary Jewish state presently sits.

The assault on my academic work started to become especially severe when my criticisms of the Israeli government started to be broadcast on Press TV, False Flag Weekly News, and many other venues.

The effort to silence me and thereby end the protections of academic tenure in Canada are helping to clarify for many attentive observers around the world that something is very wrong in the country led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The effort to discredit, silence and impoverish me is the most high profile expression of a more pervasive state-directed crackdown on free speech, even on senior tenured faculty members at Canadian universities.

Given the nature of the assault on the academic institution of tenure, the credibility of Canada as a human rights defender is significantly undermined. Canada is no longer a country where academic freedom and free speech is respected and protected. My treatment, as well as that of other critics of the Israeli state including to Monika Schaefer and Arthur Topham, helps to illustrate that the slide of Canada towards utter subordination to the higher authority of the Israeli government. This propensity has only become more marked in the transition from the prime ministership of Stephen Harper to that of Justin Trudeau.

The effort to silence me and, with it, to end the protections of academic tenure in Canada are making it clear to observers around the world that something is very wrong in my country. The fact that I have spent much of my 35 year career as a university teacher who highlights the injustices of current and historic treatment of the First Nations of Canada helps give context to my more recent focus relations between the Jewish state and the Palestinian people. Apparently the evidence-based linkages I make between the state-sanctioned assaults on the Aboriginal rights of the Indigenous peoples of North America and of Palestine/Israel is not appreciated in certain circles where cronies and insiders exercise high-level power.