A U.S.-installed fascist regime usurped power in Bolivia, says analyst

The resignation of Morales was indeed a coup orchestrated by the CIA, says an American political analyst.
Stephen Lendman

“A U.S. installed fascist regime usurped power, ending democracy in the country as long as they’re in charge,” Stephen Lendman said in an interview with the Balkans Post.

Following is the full transcript of the interview:

BP: Bolivia’s first indigenous leader, Evo Morales, was forced to resign in November in what he said was a U.S.-backed coup d’état against his administrator. How would you analyze the United States’ role in this incident?

Stephen Lendman: Indeed it was a coup orchestrated by the CIA. Key is Bolivian military and police officials were bribed to betray Evo Morales. Without their support, no coup was possible. A U.S. installed fascist regime usurped power, ending democracy in the country as long as they’re in charge.

BP: What goals was Washington pursuing through the coup?

Stephen Lendman: U.S. goals were twofold - gaining another client state and control over Bolivian resources, mainly its highly valued lithium.

BP: Bolivia’s new interim government, which gained power following the coup, has announced plans to renew ties with Israel. What’s your take on this development?

Stephen Lendman: All nations allied with the U.S. support Israel. Otherwise they wouldn’t be U.S. allies. Even Arab states have good relations though in most cases they do it quietly. One or more key Saudi officials visited Israel, the same likely true for other Arab countries.

BP: In your recent articles on the U.S.-orchestrated coup in Bolivia you mentioned William Blum. Given that December 9 is the first anniversary of Mr. Blum’s demise, could you elaborate his legacy, especially his work on the CIA?

Stephen Lendman: I knew Blum. His writings that documented CIA coup attempts, successful and unsuccessful, since WW II influenced me greatly.

I highly recommend reading his books Rogue State and Killing Hope. It shows an important part of U.S. dirty business most Americans know little or nothing about.

The U.S. is a fantasy democracy, never the real thing. Wherever real democracies exist like in Venezuela, Republicans and undemocratic Dems want them replaced by fascist tyranny, what happened in Bolivia.

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