Ivan Pernar criticizes Croatia's supplying terrorists in Syria and Yemen, urges withdrawal from NATO

Pernar gives a speech in September 2019 (photo: Facebook)

A week ago, immediately after revealing of the most recent confidential documents which prove that the US government uses Serbia and Croatia as stations for arming terrorists in Syria and Yemen, Croatian MP Ivan Pernar gave a 10-minute speech in Parliament in which he sharply criticized his country's policies. Referring to the leaking documents by Bulgarian investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, Pernar called upon the Parliament to stop participating in the US weapons supply programs and to withdraw from NATO. Here's the full transcript of his speech:

The European Union claims to be fighting terrorism, however, Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva published various documents which point to something contrary, in case they are authentic, of course. She published following things: the weapons produced by the Serbian state-owned Krušik factory were being transported by the US government's contractor Sierra Four Industries to the Croatian village of Podhum, more precisely to the Grobnik warehouse which is owned, or better said operated by the local RH-Alan company. And then, from there, these weapons were carried through the Rijeka-Krk Airport to the Middle East. According to the documents, the shipments were transported by Atlas Air and Kalitta Air cargo airlines, and the destination was Qatar.

And why is that important? Because exactly the same Serbian-made weapons later would appear in hands of terrorists in Syria, the very same people who beheaded and killed civilians. Of course, you will say: "Mr. Pernar, that's a coincidence." However, if that's a coincidence... Just to mention one important thing, the US government acquired "non-standard" weapons from Serbia, it means the weapons which are not according to the NATO standards, and by doing that they made obvious to whom those weapons went. Furthermore, we have another situation, that weapons produced in Serbia and Bulgaria appear in hands of the al-Qaida in Yemen. Of course, question is raised: how did the Bulgarian version of Kalashnikov end up in the hands of terrorists in Yemen?

The answer is that the US government, according to the documents published by Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, contracted the Alliant Techsystems company which purchased the Serbian and Bulgarian weapons, and were shipped on Silk Way flights from Belgrade to Kabul Airport, at least allegedly. Because the arms were declaratively intended for the Afghan security forces. However, these cargo airplanes stopped at the Baku [Azerbaijan], Incirlik [Turkey] and Prince Sultan [Saudi Arabia] airbases, and according to her claims, as well as the documents and the facts from the ground, it is logical that airplanes were emptied there and as such continued to Kabul. This implies that weapons were diverted to the terrorists in Yemen.

If all what Dilyana Gaytandzhieva claims is true, if her leaked documents are authentic, and as far as I know no one disputed them, it implies that the European Union acts like the main character from the novel "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" by Louis Stevenson, on the one hand pretends to be a good shepherd and fighter against global terrorism, and on the other hand actually supplies those terrorists with weapons. The documents themselves do not prove much, they may be authentic or even not, but what indicated that they might be authentic is the fact that there is no alternative logical explanation for those weapons appearing in Syria and Yemen. What's the other explanation? How did mortar shells from Krušik end up in Syria?

The documents she published give convincing logical explanation. Sure, there is always a possibility that telepathy or some other mystic discipline was used for transfer of weapons to Yemen or Syria, but there is low probability for such "alternative way." Her explanation is more logical, as well as more documented. Now I ask you, what is the purpose of all the laws we are writing [here in Croatian parliament]? What is the purpose of the fight against terrorism that we are waging? If in the same time tons and tons of weapons for millions and millions of dollars we deliver to terrorists, who then use them to spread their sphere of influence and terrorize people? I personally think that the EU, together with the United States, is the greatest exporter of illegal arms.

And why? Because the destinations of weapons they supply through various contractors, who are middle man in that business, are actually various armed groups. They do it without knowledge of the UN. Or let me put it like this, they give weapons to those whom they should not. The United States sent the European weapons where they should not be, and it was all organized by the US government. That altogether indicates the fact that the US government did not arrest Viktor Bout, or better said he was not extradited from Thailand to the United States to be trialed for illegal arms trade because he is a "bogeyman" and evil arms dealer, but instead he was wanted and extradited to the US, as well as currently imprisoned there, because he was a competitor to the US government. They wanted to trade arms, but couldn't because of him. He was cheaper than the US government and their contractors.
On this occasion I call upon Croatia to stop taking part in this shameful business and end transport of Serbian weapons to various zones in which terrorists operate, and to withdraw from NATO, a guaranteer of global instability and chaos. Thank you!

Marko Knežević

Marko Knežević is a historian and freelance journalist from Bar, Montenegro. He is a frequent traveller to the Middle East and East Asia.

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