Croatian MP Ivan Pernar: Syrian civilians are being killed by Croatian weapons per US demand

After a video in which he slated the US, NATO and the EU swept the social media in the region, Croatian anti-establishment MP Ivan Pernar claims 'people are hungry for the truth'.
Croatian MP Ivan Pernar. Courtesy of Facebook

Ivan Pernar, a Croatian activist and Member of Parliament through the member of the Living Wall political party, has delivered a powerful speech in Croatia's parliament denouncing NATO's and Washington's actions in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, which with over a 1.5 million views of the video of his speech, newly elected Croatian MP Ivan Pernar has become a star for anti-establishment activists around the Balkan region.

The video was made by another young regional anti-establishment star, Boris Malagurski from Serbia, who is widely known for his film "Weight of Chains", in which he tackled the issues of NATO intervention in Yugoslavia and the 1995 Srebrenica massacre.

In an inflammatory speech in parliament, Pernar questioned the benefits to Croatia of joining the EU, and harshly criticised Croatia’s position in NATO, which he accused of crimes in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

He went onto criticize Croatia's role as a NATO member and highlighted how old Croatian weapons from the wars that broke up Yugoslavia ended up in the hands of terrorists in Syria.

“It’s not due to my performance but because people are hungry for the truth. They are sick of looking at how killers of children are shown as humanitarians. Those who wage wars are shown as peacemakers; those who rob the whole world are shown as saviours,” he told BIRN.

Days ago he said that NATO is "posing a threat" to the whole world, "just like Germany under Hitler."