Montenegrin gambit: Djukanovic regime's verdict on a symbolic date

Milo Djukanovic (photo: Stevo Vasiljevic, Reuters)

More than two years have passed since the alleged coup in Montenegro, but this event from mid-October 2016 is full of controversy. Montenegrin authorities, led by Milo Djukanovic, claimed that the coup was organized by the Russian agents of the FSB and the GRU. The opposition claims that the whole event was staged by the authorities to win elections in the same month, as their positions had been seriously shaken.

Further development showed that Milo Djukanovic managed to form the government with the help of national minority parties, thus passing through the eye of a needle. In this sense, the claims of the opposition may be true. Due to the meddling of the United States, the whole case was given an international dimension by the statements of the late senator John McCain, where America stood entirely on the side of Milo Djukanovic, claiming that behind the "coup" are Russian services whose aim is to overthrow the pro-Western authorities and cut off the path of Montenegro into the NATO pact. Considering all these events, the verdict has a significant global importance.

Montenegrin authorities stated they'll announce the verdict on the case of the attempted coup on 9 May. The opposition claims that the verdict is predictable in advance and that the date was deliberately chosen (Victory Day), as was done in some other cases. Former Montenegrin President Momir Bulatovic said that on 9 May Milo Djukanovic will "declare victory over Serbia, Russia and common sense". Due to the controversy over the whole event that gets its epilogue on 9 May, opponents of Djukanovic tried to express their point-of-view in the short documentary by Igor Damjanovic, called "Coup d'état MADE IN MONTENEGRO":