Tiffany Trump's $23,000 Spring Break to Serbia covered by US government funds

Tiffany Trump | Flickr

President Donald Trump’s children use government funds for leisure time while many Americans suffer poverty. In the spring story, Trump’s daughter spent around four times the average annual salary of local residents of that country.

According to Newsweek, Trump’s youngest daughter Tiffany Trump went on spring break to Serbia, where she spent around four times the average annual salary of local residents of that country.

Trump’s children use government funds to pay for secret service protection, accommodation and transportation while traveling. The State Department filed a purchasing order on March 27 to cover Tiffany’s stay at Belgrade’s high-end Square Nine Hotel from March 7-16. The total cost of the stay, including hotel rooms for Tiffany and her security detail, was $23,000, according to the purchasing order reported by sources. The average annual salary in Serbia is around $5,675, according to the Serbian research center Demosta. The country’s per capita GDP is $5,899, according to World Bank statistics.

This is not the first time US taxpayers have paid for Tiffany to travel to Europe. A summer 2017 trip to Berlin reportedly cost taxpayers around $22,000. Government security services occasionally open their own temporary offices in the hotel where the president’s children are staying, an expense that is covered by government funds as well.

Similarly, Trump’s sons Eric and Donald Trump Jr. routinely fly on Trump Organization business trips and are escorted by government security. The two have flown to Dubai, Canada, Uruguay and the Dominican Republic on family business over the last two years and were given 24-hour Secret Service protection during those trips. Some of those trips were estimated to have cost around $100,000.

Experts say the Trump family’s trips abroad are more numerous and pose more logistical challenges than the trips taken by the children of previous presidents. This is largely due to the fact that Trump has four adult children who frequently travel abroad for work. Some critics questioned whether it was appropriate for US taxpayers to foot the bill for travel related to the Trump family’s international real estate ventures.

Tiffany’s trips overseas, however, appear to be holidays that are unrelated to the family business.

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