For the last 18 years, about 35,000 children have got caught in criminal trafficking networks in Bulgaria, said the head of the Parliament’s committee on internal security and public order, Tsvetan Tsvetanov, GERB, at the opening of a conference on prevention of violence against children, Focus News Agency reports.

He cited UN data that over 34 million children had fallen victims of trafficking. “We cannot say that the child abuse problem can be solved. Forums like this are meant to show good practices, we should talk about the most important – the identification of the victims. By not identifying the victims, many countries, Bulgaria was one of them, fail to recognise the problem,” Tsvetanov said.

“Identification guarantees success because the set up crisis centres could bring those people back to normal life. The biggest challenge is the internet space. If we fail to inform our children and engage the education, we make them potential victims,” he said.

Source: Novinite