ISIS forces spouses of Iraqi security members to divorce their husbands

Nineveh MP Mohamed Abed Rabu stated that the ISIS has warned the women in Mosul whose spouses are serving within the Iraqi forces to separate divorce their husbands or they must be ready to face severe punishment.

“The ISIS militants have captured a number of spouses of the Iraqi security forces, who are living under the group’s control in Namroud district, northeast of Mosul, and threatened them with death if they refuse to separate from their husbands who are being considered as traitors by the extremist group,” Abed Rabu said.

“The militants have taken the captured women to an unknown destination, and the tribal leaders in the city have demanded ISIS to put an end to such acts,” he added.

Abed Rabu also said, “The extremist group has launched a campaign of arresting, as well as terrifying the residents before the Mosul operation starts, which is expected to take place this year.”