Muslim Press has interviewed Navid Nasr to ask about his opinion on the role that PA President Mahmoud Abbas and Saudi Arabia play in the region.

Here's the full text of the interview:

MP: What's your take on the role that PA President Mahmoud Abbas has played for the Palestinians? Do you think he represents Palestinians' rights?

Navid Nasr: Abbas has played the same role for the Palestinians that Vidkun Quisling played in Norway under Nazi occupation. He is a proxy placed in his office by the Israelis and the US, nothing more nothing less.

He represents Israeli and US interests, not Palestinian rights.

MP: Has he been successful in fighting Israeli crimes against Palestinians?

Navid Nasr: He is not, and has never been, interested in doing anything other than making some empty gestures in the face of Israeli abuses and atrocities.

MP: Iranian officials have criticized Abbas for his meeting with MKO chief. What do you make of this meeting?

Navid Nasr: I think his meeting with the Munafiqeen-e Khalq fits in perfectly with who he is and what his role as PA President is. See everything I've said about him so far.

MP: What kind of a message does he want to send by having this meeting with MKO chief?

Navid Nasr: The message he is sending by having this meeting is that he sees Iran as enemy and is acting accordingly.

MP: Why does Saudi Arabia support terrorist organizations such as MKO?

Navid Nasr: Saudi Arabia supports MEK/MKO for the same reason. Their Quixotic, self-destructive fight against Iran and "Iranian influence" in the region.

MP: How do you analyze his relationship with the Saudis? Are they betraying Palestinian cause?

Navid Nasr: Abbas' relationship with the Saudis is disgusting, but again, he doesn't answer to, or serve at the behest of, the Palestinian people, but much more powerful entities.

As far as betrayal of the Palestinian cause, neither the Saudis nor Abbas ever had a moment's worth of genuine care or concern about the Palestinian people, so there's no betrayal, since there was never any genuine support.

MP: What's your opinion about Saudi-Israeli relations? Do you think they have mutual interests?

Navid Nasr: The relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia is becoming more and more open, shameless and brazen. It serves both parties well, since they can advance their anti-Resistance agenda much better when they're working together.

For Israel, it's a particularly rewarding relationship since it has the potential for softening much of the ire directed at them from the Sunni world in general, and Sunni Arabs in particular. Even Hamas has been very gentle in condemning this relationship.