Syrian military on the verge of liberating the cradle of “revolution”

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham fighters in Mushairfa, northeastern Hama

The last several weeks have been very successful for the Syrian armed forces as well as for the Syrian government and Russian Reconciliation Center. On June 18, the Syrian Arab Army started a military offensive code named “Operation Basalt” with the final goal to liberate the occupied southwest territories of Syria. Fast military progress and effective processes of reconciliation in Daraa province have brought peace and stability in many areas which were occupied by the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham terrorist organization—also formerly known as Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria)—and their affiliates of the Free Syrian Army. In areas which refused reconciliation, the transfer to Idleb province has been offered. Now, we are witnessing a refugee crisis for which the responsibility falls solely on the terrorist groups which refused a peace agreement, instead prolonging the suffering of the civilian population.

The areas that surrendered and accepted the reconciliation were spared of destruction and unnecessary casualties. With the help of Russian military police, civilian authorities are managing the situation, and the full restoration of governmental institutions is expected. There have been no violations of reconciliation agreement and all civilians and former fighters (who were granted the reconciliation because they were not involved in war crimes) can now continue with their everyday life. Also, the Russian military is providing liberated areas with humanitarian aid, unlike the Western powers who aided the terrorist groups with huge amounts of weapons, which were surrendered along with militants.

In more than seven years of war on Syria on many occasions members of the so-called Free Syrian Army, and other terrorist groups portrayed as “moderate” by corporate media, joined Jabhat al-Nusra and the so-called Islamic State (IS/ISIS) terrorist groups. Those from eastern parts of Daraa province who refused to surrender and accept reconciliation found themselves in a dire position, with the only option left to join Jaish Khalid ibn al-Waleed, which operates as a member of ISIS terrorist organization. This once again proves that all those members of “moderate” groups are nothing different than the worst terrorist, both in their criminal behaviour and in ideology. Because they are deeply involved in most heinous crimes against Syrian Army soldiers and even more against innocent civilians, they cannot be a subject of the reconciliation agreement.

Note that the area controlled by ISIS is in the deep southwest bordering Israel. Israeli officials, former and present, many times expressed no concern about ISIS presence on their border, as they don't see any threat from ISIS at all. But it must be noted Israel is not providing ISIS with direct military and medical support as they do to al-Qaeda affiliated forces in the occupied Golan Heights. Nonetheless, the Status Quo which exist between Israel and ISIS shows the two entities are in no dispute whatsoever and coexist together in almost friendly fashion.

Western Daraa province will be dealt with soon enough, jointly with Qunaitra province. The imperative, for now, is to complete securing the bordering areas with Jordan, and liberating the city of Daraa. While many say, the liberation of Daraa city will be the biggest blow to the Syrian “revolution”, the fact remains that the true face of that fake uprising is still in Idlib province which has been governed by regressive Salafist ideologues who have no respect for human decency or any kind of freedom which contradicts their perverted and false interpretations of the Holy Quran.

We may debate about the first days of demonstrations back in March 2011, what brought the people on the streets. But to say that the “revolution” was hijacked by Islamic extremists is false. It will forever be remembered as a poor attempt to justify the failure of the “moderate revolution” by those who turned their back on their country expecting a huge Western military action and the forced removal of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, as happened in Libya, a true example of a failed state today. The guilt lies with those who failed to recognize that the “revolution” would turn into a sectarian uprising led by Salafist clerics and foreign mercenaries. Anyone who knows the history of Syria cannot deny the continuing effort of Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization to seize the power in Syria and implement their own rule, a rule which would see the genocide of minorities, especially the Alawite minority. The Muslim Brotherhood were not only present in Syria in March 2011, but since many decades before.

Western powers and corporate media followed the fake Syrian “revolution” with the same passion of their beloved “revolutionaries” who beheaded people, even children. And western media still do, in spite of how the reality of the “moderates” rule has been revealed as an inhumane, medieval rule, far worse than that in Saudi Arabia, the hypocritical West's ally. The West's corny mantra of “democracy and freedom” was exposed as utter fakery to justify regime change, which was on the United States' table for many decades. Other Western governments, like good and obedient puppets, followed blindly the same plan, not just for Syria, but for the entire Middle East and North Africa, and even further east.

The Western governments don't care about the brutality of systems as long as they are allied to them and as long as they follow the Western and US dictates. Or as long as these regimes buy weapons worth billions of dollars, as does one of the most brutal regimes in the world, Saudi Arabia. West and Gulf states have already spent billions of dollars in their regime change efforts in Syria. We can only guess how miserable they must feel looking at their regime change plan crumbling down with the latest military achievements of the Syrian Arab Army and allies in the cradle of the “revolution,” Daraa.

One thing is certain: the Syrian government will establish control of all of southern Syria, no question about it, peacefully or by force. It will bring the peace and stability to provinces of Daraa and Quneitra, just like they did in Damascus and Homs, and in other areas which Syrian forces liberated.

Israel will try to interfere and it will probably assist the al-Qaeda and affiliates in occupied Golan Heights as they usually do. The US refused to assist the terrorists in the south. However, the absurd April 2018 staged a so-called chemical attack—now proven to not have actually occurred—in Douma could be repeated. The allegations of a chemical attack was the pretext for the US and allies to launch illegal airstrikes on Syria's capital, Damascus.

Just as no one can trust the terrorist's forces, no one can trust their friends, allies and masters. They can try to stall the liberation of Daraa, but they will not prevent the inevitable.

Matija Lukač

Matija Lukač is a pro-Syrian activist and researcher of the Syrian conflict; he is also a Special Assistant and Contributor for the Middle East and Syria at the GlobalCIR website.

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