A State Investigation and Protection Agency police officer. Photo: SIPA.

The State Investigation and Protection Agency on Tuesday arrested Branko Jolovic, Milomir Milosevic, Nenad Vukotic, Nikola Losic, Dejan Milanovic and Radomir Pantic, all former soldiers or military policemen with the Bosnian Serb Army, on suspicion that they committed war crimes in the village of Zaklopaca in the Milici municipality in May 1992.

The prosecution said that more than 60 Bosniak civilians, including 11 children, women and elderly people, were killed in an attack on Zaklopaca on May 16, 1992.
The prosecution alleges that the victims’s corpses were initially left at the murder but then removed and buried in mass graves one day later.

“The majority of the remains were found in a mass grave in 2004. The mortal remains of 54 people have been found so far, while the search for the remaining victims continues,” the prosecution said in a statement.

One of the arrested men, Radomir Pantic, is already on trial along with four other defendants for genocide in Srebrenica, including forcible transfer of the local population and the capture and execution of men.

The indictment alleges that Pantic was the commander of the First Company of Bosnian Serb special police units.
He was arrested as he was leaving a hearing at the state court in Sarajevo.

The other suspects were arrested in Vlasenica and Milici and the surrounding area.