Iran-Croatia normal banking relations re-established

Croatian Deputy Prime Minister Martina Dalic & Head of Plan and Budget Organization Mohammad Bagher Nobakht | tehrantimes

Mohammad Khazaei, Iranian Deputy Economy Minister and President of the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran said that Iran and Croatia have re-established normal banking relations, sources reported.

“Iran and Croatia have re-established banking relations through a bank which is cooperating with many countries including Italy,” said Khazaei in remarks he made on Tuesday in Tehran.

Discussing the recent visit of Croatian Deputy Prime Minister Martina Dalic to Tehran, Khazaei said that the visit and the meetings were of prime importance at the current course of events with a special message for Iran and Europe.

“Ms. Dalic is a prominent political figure in Croatia and the European Union and her visit to Tehran signifies the great importance Croatia attaches to developing economic relations with Iran,” stressed the Iranian official.

Earlier on Sunday, during a meeting with Governor of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Valiollah Seif, the visiting Croatian Economy Minister Martina Dalic said that despite disorders in the way of banking relations between Iran and Croatia, the two countries can persuade their banks to begin brokerage relations.

Dalic also held a meeting with Head of Plan and Budget Organization Mohammad Bagher Nobakht on Sunday in Tehran, during which she called for expansion of cooperation with Iran in the fields of energy, technical and engineering services, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, tourism and development plans.

She expressed hope that her trip would pave the way for removing banking and financial restrictions and define new projects for economic cooperation.

“Our central bank is of the opinion that, legally speaking, there is no hurdle against economic and financial transactions with Iran,” she said.

Earlier in September 2017, the Governor of the Central Bank of Croatia Boris Vujcic announced that the European nation’s biggest lender is eager to connect with its Iranian counterparts. This comes in light of US President Donald Trump’s pulling out of the nuclear deal with Iran and threatening to impose severe sanctions on the republic.