Kosovo No Longer Needs EU Rule of Law Mission – Justice Minister

Kosovo will not need the EU Rule of Law Mission (EULEX), a police and justice mission set up in the self-proclaimed republic, after the end of its mandate on June 14, Kosovo's Justice Minister Abelard Tahiri said on Monday.

EULEX Special Police | European External Action Service

"[Kosovo’s] justice system has everything necessary to act in accordance with the law. There is no need for the EULEX mission," Tahiri stated, as quoted by the Radio Television of Kosovo (RTK).

The EULEX, supported by all EU member states, as well as Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States, has been fully operating in Kosovo since 2009. The mission assists Kosovo’s law enforcement, judiciary and customs services in developing and strengthening an independent multiethnic justice system, as well as a multiethnic police and customs service. The EULEX staff consists of 800 people. In 2016, the EULEX mandate was extended until June 14, 2018.

In December, Kosovar President Hashim Thaci called for the EULEX to end in the middle of 2018, stressing that Kosovo's goal was to gain EU membership, but not to have permanent EU missions in the country.

In 2008, Kosovo unilaterally proclaimed independence from Serbia. While over 100 UN member states have officially recognized Kosovo, Serbia alongside Russia, China, Israel and several other countries have not recognized the move.

Source: sputniknews