It’s Iran! It’s anti-Semites! No, it’s Israel violating international law once again

As Israel executes peaceful demonstrators in Gaza and violates the sovereignty of Syria, bombing it, the United Nations decided that the anti-semitic comments of Mahmoud Abbas were a more important issue in need of address.
It’s Iran! It’s anti-Semites! No, it’s Israel violating international law once again

On the 30th of March began the ‘Great Return March’ in Gaza, the demonstration has since been a peaceful form of protesting Israel’s illegal besiegement of the Gaza Strip. Palestinians in Gaza are demanding their right of return to their land, as was outlined in UN resolution 194. The response to peaceful demonstrations - the demands of which notably work within the framework of international law - has been for Israel to execute and severely injure Journalists, Medics, Children and any other unarmed demonstrator that they choose to practice their weapons upon.

So far 49 Palestinian peaceful demonstrators have been executed by Israeli Snipers and artillery fire, this statistic includes disabled people, 4 children and 2 journalists. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health approximately 7,946 have been injured, the number here is notably subject to change and may have superseded this as you are reading this article.

Israel also thought that on the 30th of April, it would bomb Syria, yet again violating the countries sovereignty. Israel reportedly used glider missiles, firing them from SDF (US backed Kurdish forces) held territory. Israel managed to hit a weapons depository in Hama as well as a small target in Aleppo province, they used territory that they had not used as a means to launch an attack previously, having some success. This attack was notably used by the state of Israel as a mean of posturing towards Iran, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu later taking to an international stage the issue of a supposed Iranian weapons program.

Despite the fact that no serious research center or institute on the planet learnt a thing from Netanyahu’s laughable ramblings, it did not prohibit mainstream corporate media from producing a plethora of articles about the possibility of an Iran VS Israel war and the prospect of Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon.

The purpose of this whole Netanyahu charade was to either convince a wider audience that the United States would be better off to scrap the Iran Nuclear Deal, or attempt to pressure the US into capitulating to the whims of AIPAC (the Israel Lobby).

Israel would be committing national suicide and losing one of their all time greatest scapegoats if they were to launch a war upon Iran, therefore it is almost inconceivable that a government with any survival instinct would commit to such an offensive.

As people were distracted with Netanyahu’s display of his high-school yearbooks and pornography collection, the Israeli Knesset was busy voting on passing a bill that could perhaps make war an even bigger inevitability for the state of Israel. On the 30th of April the Israeli Knesset passed a bill that will now permit any Israeli Prime Minister to launch a war, getting approval from only his/her defence Minister, that’s right, Netanyahu and Avigdor Leiberman can now initiate a war by themselves.

The fact of the matter is, Israel has been committing two heinous crimes, bombing Syria and practicing targeted executions of unarmed demonstrators in Gaza.

Israel imposes an illegal siege upon the Gaza Strip and has been executing innocent, unarmed demonstrators at its border. Israel has shot thousands of people during the course of the ‘Great Return March’, it has also continually came to the aid of terrorist organizations in Syria, launching strike after strike against government positions.

Instead of the real issues - like those noted above - being discussed by the United Nations and the mainstream press, we see condemnation of the unelected and self-proclaimed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Mahmoud Abbas made remarks about the holocaust and somehow this is more important than actual people being massacred? The Nazi like Israeli regime have yet again diverted attention from their racist cult like mindset and their illegal action, with the accusations of Iran and Anti-semitism.

Racial slurs are not a bigger problem than racist executions and apartheid. It is about time we call out Israel for its two biggest token smokescreens, the claim of anti-semitism and the threat of Iran.

As long as we allow Israel to dictate the discourse, they will continue to misdirect and use both Iran and the claim of anti-semitism, as a means of covering up their blatant violations of international law.

Robert Inlakesh

Robert Inlakesh is a journalist, political analyst and human rights activist who specialises in delivering insight into the geo-political scene of the Middle East, specialising in the political and humanitarian situation in Palestine.

Robert is a regular writer for 'Al-Masdar news' - and also appears frequently on 'Press TV' as an analyst and researcher.

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