The “unholy alliance” is pushing the war against Iran

The “unholy alliance” is pushing the war against Iran | wikimedia

The Israeli regime committed yet another act of aggression against Syria. The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on April 30 reported, citing a military source, that “some military sites in the countryside of Hama and Aleppo provinces were exposed at 10:30 PM to a new aggression with hostile rockets.” By the available information, Israeli forces targeted Syrian Arab Army's 47th Brigade's munition depot in Hama, and small town al-Malkiyah in Aleppo countryside.

The remnants found on the site suggests US-made GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs were used in the attacks. It is quite possible they were fired from a fifth generation F-35 combat aircraft, but GBU-39 SDB is also integrated in various types of aircraft such as F-15 and F-16. In the end, according to US officials, the strike was conducted by F-15 fighter jets, which is the theory which makes the most sense.

Some sources claim the munition depot served for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Despite the claims from some Twitter “sources”, which are never fully reliable, that many Iranians were killed, 11 Syrian soldiers were killed, with no available information of any Iranian casualties.

In any case, the Israeli regime made a move under the pretext of targeting an Iranian “threat”. Right after the criminal aggression, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu—who faces criminal charges for corruption—made a “performance”, claiming (lying) that Iran still has a nuclear program. Let us remember how he despicably lied to the US Congress back in 2002 claiming that Iraq was “seeking, working and advancing towards the development of nuclear weapons (!?)”. Given the huge amount of Netanyahu's lies through decades, it is beyond any doubt that he is proven liar, as well as a war criminal. Also, the Israeli regime is the only entity which possesses nuclear weapons in the Middle East. Knowing how crazy and mad the Israeli regime is, it is quite possible they are willing to use it.

When we look at the history of the criminal behaviour of the Israeli regime through the decades, it is very easy to notice that more threat to peace in the Middle East comes from the rogue state of Israel than from Iran. The occupation of Palestine means the continual committing of war crimes, and on daily basis we witness the atrocious crimes against the Palestinian population. 

On the other hand, the Israeli regime gives military and medical support to al-Qaeda linked terror groups operating in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights against Syrian armed forces. Also, the so-called Islamic State terrorist organization poses no threat to the Israeli regime. In fact, the rogue state of Israel sees IS as a good proxy force against Iran and the Syrian state. To describe the “warm” relations between Israel and IS we can just look at the IS apology to Israeli regime after they attacked Israeli units in the occupied Golan. Despicable to the core. 

After many killings of Iranian scientists, and joint US-Israeli cyber attacks with the Stuxnet computer virus created to target Iranian centrifuges in an effort to destroy Iranian nuclear program, today we have multiple attacks on Iranian forces in Syria. On April 9, Israel attacked the T-4 airbase in central Homs province. It is known that the base is used by Iranian forces, and the attack caused dozens of dead and wounded Iranian soldiers. If the Israeli regime thinks they will weaken Iran by recent attacks, they had better think twice.

Recently, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, started a tour in the Middle East, visiting Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The reason of his tour is to gain support for additional sanctions on Iran. After his visit to the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism, Saudi Arabia, today we have the confirmation of existence of the “unholy alliance” of two rogue states, and the most brutal regimes in the World: Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Probably the most pathetic thing is the reliance on Saudi Arabia's military “might”. The aggression against Yemen proved that Saudi soldiers are among the worst one can imagine: incompetent and cowardly. Even foreign mercenaries cannot help the Saudi regime. The only thing they are “good” at is killing innocent civilians at weddings and funerals.

Direct military confrontation between Saudi Arabia and Iran would probably lead to unimaginable humiliation of the Saudi regime. That is one of the reasons why they are trying to hide behind the Israeli skirt, thinking they will be untouchable thanks to the “unholy alliance”.

A direct military strike against Iran inside its borders is unlikely to happen. At least not in the near future, and not before Israel tries to weaken Hezbollah. An attack on Lebanon and Hezbollah makes more sense before striking Iran. Israel needs to get Hezbollah “off its back”. But remembering the humiliating defeat the Israeli regime suffered during their criminal aggression on southern Lebanon in 2006, will they have the courage to wage another war against Hezbollah which is not the force it was back then. Today, Hezbollah is a much stronger military force, with bigger manpower and equipment. As Hezbollah has huge battle experience gained from the war on Syria, Israel is well aware how painful it would be to strike them. Now imagine how painful it would be to strike Iran. 

The huge failure of regime change in Syria has led to these insane policies in the Middle East. All aggression forces are aware that the present Syrian leadership is not going to change. The plan was to destroy Syria before going on to Iran, so they are seeking other paths to reach Iran. So far, Iran is not responding militarily, which is a smart move because that is exactly what rogue regimes want. But Iran has its limits. The question is how far will the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia push in their demonic plans. As more time passes, the more they are lacking options on Iran. And the more it will be painful for them if they decide to strike Iran.

Matija Lukač

Matija Lukač is a pro-Syrian activist and researcher of the Syrian conflict; he is also a Special Assistant and Contributor for the Middle East and Syria at the GlobalCIR website.

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