Another false-flag attack to maintain the regime change agenda on Syria

Another false-flag attack to maintain the regime change agenda on Syria | Ed Brambley

Once again, the Syrian armed forces are being accused of chemical weapons use in the town of Douma in Eastern Ghouta, near Damascus. The Western powers and their propaganda machine are pointing their fingers to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad as the main culprit of a horrific atrocity against his own people. Allegedly, chlorine has been used, some even said a sarin-like agent, and the infamous “White Helmets” and “activists” produced the footage. Allegedly, 70 people died and more than 500 were injured.

Quite recently, and on many occasions, both the Russian and Syrian state officials warned about a  possible chemical attack provocation by criminal terrorist groups. Every now and then, we could see on terrorists' social media accounts and outlets posts about alleged “chlorine attacks” against a civilian population. The agenda is clear: to provoke foreign intervention against Syria and to turn the tide of war on the side of terrorist groups, the scenario which is highly unlikely to ever happen.

After recent military victories in Eastern Ghouta and the liberation of more than 80% of area, the town of Douma remained the only place with a presence of terrorists. The negotiations with Jaish al-Islam (Army of Islam) who is “governing” the area with terror and death, proved to be very hard. Also, terrorists from Jaish al-Islam had a dispute among themselves which resulted in execution of several military leaders—a pattern of behaviour which you could encounter only with the worst criminal gangs.

Finally, on April 6, the negotiations were interrupted and completely stalled, and Jaish al-Islam criminals launched attacks on densely populated residential areas of Damascus, murdering six civilians and wounding 35. The Syrian armed forces responded with heavy airstrikes followed by a ground forces assault. On April 7, Jaish al-Islam resumed the attacks, murdering eight civilians, wounding 37. As Syrian forces resumed the military operation, the terrorist sources claimed dozens of dead and hundreds of wounded civilians, something we should question because those sources cannot be independently verified. By the end of the day, news about a “chemical attack” emerged.

Looking at social networks and comments on the articles by ordinary people, as well as many articles made by independent journalists and analysts, many ask simple for a logical explanation of the current chemical weapons incident. Why would Syrian forces use chlorine, which is practically useless in military operations, and by that bring the threat of foreign intervention upon themselves? Why now when the military victory in Douma is imminent? Of course, there is no logical explanation. But, maybe we should ask a different question: who benefits the most of this “chemical attack”? For many years, the terrorist groups urged Western powers to militarily intervene in Syria and to topple the “evil regime”.

On social networks, we have witnessed many “chemical attacks”, and all of them tried to push the West to intervene in Syria. So far, the West didn't intervene because of the lack of real evidence and especially because of Russian intervention in Syria. For US president Donald Trump, he doesn't need evidence, as he showed one year ago, launching the attack on Shayrat airbase after the chemical incident in Khan Sheikhun in Idlib province. Note that Khan Sheikhun was at that time governed by the Syrian al-Qaeda group formerly known as Jabhat al-Nusra, and all evidence was produced by the “White Helmets”. The “White Helmets” wouldn't operate in that area without close ties with Syrian al-Qaeda, and it seems no one from the corporate media bothered to question the reliability of the source. On the other hand, any evidence presented and which explicitly proves the close ties between the “White Helmets” and al-Qaeda is dismissed as a “conspiracy theory”, even though almost all evidence against the White Helmets comes from themselves.

Today we are in very dangerous waters awaiting for possible US attack on Syria which will not go unanswered by Russian and Syrian armed forces. While president Trump calls al-Assad an “animal”, how should we call a person who stands in defence of criminals and genocidal maniacs who cage civilians and use abducted civilians as slaves? Jaish al-Islam is a criminal terrorist organization which committed a number of atrocities against civilians. Backed and funded by Saudi Arabia, they are a Salafist gang which fight for the medieval type of Sharia law, and they call for genocide against the minorities, especially Alawites. Western support for such criminals perfectly describes the idiocy of the Western political establishment, where there are no moral boundaries in the quest of making the regime change plan successful.

It should be noted that there are many Syrian soldiers and officers involved in the operation to liberate Douma who have their close family members and relatives trapped inside. It is despicable to even think that those people would ever agree on such military actions which would endanger the lives of their beloved ones. Especially with chemical weapons. Between 4-5,000 people were being held as hostages and slaves, and were used in creation of many tunnels in Eastern Ghouta. Only 200 (two hundred) have been freed so far. The most shocking thing is that there is no one left to be freed, which means that thousands of people have vanished, their fates unknown. The cry and despair of family members will never reach corporate media. As usual, their stories are not important since corporate media and Western political elites are firm in their support of the worst genocidal criminals for who they seek to replace current Syrian leadership.

What is the evidence of “chemical attack”? It's on Twitter. No further evidence is needed as long as we have Twitter. What a joke! The Russian experts entered Douma and found no trace of any chemical substances nor any individual who witnessed the “chemical attack”. Of course, the Western political establishment and their propaganda stooges will never accept any real evidence presented by Russia and Syria simply because they are stuck so deep in their own lies, so the continuance of lies is necessary to preserve the very well known narrative of demonization of Syrian and Russian armed forces and their leadership, and to maintain the regime change agenda.

Matija Lukač

Matija Lukač is a pro-Syrian activist and researcher of the Syrian conflict; he is also a Special Assistant and Contributor for the Middle East and Syria at the GlobalCIR website.