Blood bath in Gaza: peaceful demonstrators march at Israeli gunmen

Sixteen people have been killed and 1,400 injured, as Israeli troops fire upon peaceful Gazan demonstrators, taking part in the ‘Great Return March’.
Blood bath in Gaza: peaceful demonstrators march at Israeli gunmen | Twitter

Israel showed its true colors this Friday, massacring unarmed demonstrators, throughout the Gaza Strip. After declaring a ‘State of Emergency’ earlier in the year and recently having their water cut even shorter than before, by the Israeli regime, the Gaza Strip is standing up.

‘The Great Return March’ has just begun, a 6 week demonstration - lasting until Nakba day (15th May)- is making Israel, shake to its core. The non-violent demonstration, is like a cry for freedom from a caged population, screaming for a life worth living. 

Instantly upon hearing about the demonstration, the Israeli regime organized for 100 snipers to be set up along the Gaza border. Artillery was fired in the morning killing a farmer and injuring others, then throughout the day and at different areas of the strip, Israeli snipers targeted and executed unarmed protestors.

The names of those killed on Friday are as follows:

1)Mohammad Kamal Al-Najar
2)Omar Waheed Naser-Allah Abu-Samoor
3) Ameen Mansour Abu- Moa’amer
4)Mohammed Nae’em Abu- Amro
5)Ahmad Ibrahim Ashour Ouda
6) Jehad Ahmed Farena
7) Mahmoud Sa’ade Rahme
8)Abd- Alfattah Abd Al-Nabi
9)Ibrahim Salah Abu Sha’er
10)Abd Al-Qader Morde al-Hawajri
11)Sari Walid Abu Ouda
12)Hamadan Ismail Abu Amsha
13)Jehad Zohair abu Jamous
14)Bader Fa’aq Al-Sbagh
15)Naji Abdullah abu Hojaer
16)Shahid Abdul Qadir Al-Hawajri


As expected, a cluster of articles have been released, alleging that Palestinians clashed with Israeli forces and claiming that Israel somehow was protecting itself from Hamas.

‘The Guardian’ even released a piece claiming that “Palestinians died”... Yes, I guess the Palestinians saw the bullets coming their way and just said to themselves, I’m gonna die  now...

There has been NO violence from the Palestinians so far in Gaza, they have NO weapons, NOTHING!



A United Nations meeting was called, in response to what has transpired today, yet again dodging all the real issues and throwing around old rhetoric. The 1990’s have passed, the ‘Two State Solution’ is dead and done, Israel has never wanted it nor will they allow for it. 

The aim of this demonstration, is to demand the Palestinian ‘Right of Return’, granted to Palestinians in the United Nations resolution 194. The people of the Gaza Strip are camping along the besieged border, walking unarmed towards fully armed soldiers and demanding their basic human rights. This isn’t about Hamas or Fatah, this isn’t about a “Two State Solution”, this is about human rights.

The Israeli regime, since the hell-storm received by Richard Goldstone, has been able to effectively scare the UN and Human Rights organizations into submission. In every report put out this Friday, we have seen the prevailing narrative of a Hamas initiative in the peaceful demonstration, either that or that their has been clashes or some incitement from Palestinians.

Despite the word having the entire day documented on live-streams, videos and by journalists on the ground, Human Rights groups still must feel obligated to condemn Hamas and invent Palestinian violence. 

In this specific case, Hamas rockets are not a factor, nor is any act of violence by Hamas prior. If we are to start having real discussions on how to end this humanitarian catastrophe, we have to start telling the truth. 

This Friday has been the most deadly day in the Gaza Strip since the 2014 bombardment, in fact, todays massacre was bigger in numbers than the likes of the ‘Bloody Sunday’ Massacre of 1972, carried out by British forces.



This Friday has seen massive bloodshed, all deaths have been Palestinian, none have been Israeli. Regardless of wether Israel has the excuse of Hamas violence or not, they have proven today, they do not care and will execute Palestinians. 

Many profess that if Palestinians were to do exactly as they are now, things would change. The impression is always given that non-violent resistance will force Israel to end the siege and occupation. Many truly believe that Israel would change, that the world would have forced it by now.

The problem is, the world will not challenge the state of Israel. The media ignored Gaza this Friday, other than small segments. The international community and international organizations also ignored Gaza, pretending that this one sided bloodbath was actually both sides fault.

Let’s put it this way, If Hezbollah in Lebanon decided to lay down its weapons and peacefully protest, would this scare Israel?... NO!

Palestinian resistance scares Israel, in every form, including what is happening now. Violence is something justified under international law, in order to fight an illegal occupier and it is also something that is morally correct. For those who claimed a big protest would bring the Israeli regime too its knees, the next 6 weeks will debunk that theory for you.

Robert Inlakesh

Robert Inlakesh is a journalist, political analyst and human rights activist who specialises in delivering insight into the geo-political scene of the Middle East, specialising in the political and humanitarian situation in Palestine.

Robert is a regular writer for 'Al-Masdar news' - and also appears frequently on 'Press TV' as an analyst and researcher.