Israel attacks Gaza, behaving like a spoilt child that always has to have their way

The Israeli military/Air-force attacked Gaza once again, at early hours of the morning and it’s claims as to why, fails to shock those who are learned to ways of the Israeli Regime.
Israel attacks Gaza, behaving like a spoilt child that always has to have their way | nellis

This morning, the IOF shelled various parts of the Gaza Strip, for hours. The strikes were carried out, by the Israeli army, immediately and then again hours later. The Israeli bombings came after an explosion near the Gaza/Israel border earlier that day. The explosion reportedly occurred on the Gazan side of the border, injuring no-one and causing absolutely no damage, to the Israeli patrolled border fence.

An Israeli military spokesman, was reported in ‘Haaretz News’, to have claimed that Israel fired tank shells, destroying a Hamas position. This was claimed to be in response for the explosion, that it instantly concluded was caused by Hamas. Hamas are collectively blamed for everything that happens in the Gaza Strip, said that same official, he then went on to state that: Israel “will continue to act with all means at its disposal in order to ensure the security of the citizens of Israel”.

A very rational position to take, claiming that you are “defending civilians” - in response to something that happened in territory that is not your own - responding by injuring civilians in Gaza... Bombing was reported throughout the besieged coastal enclave, however it was most prominent in the South and in the East of Gaza, particularly in the Zeitoun neighborhood as well as near the al-Bureij refugee camp.

Two days prior to this latest attack, Israel also carried out similar, night air-raids. Two Israeli troops had been injured, after an explosive device detonated at the border fence, the fence was also damaged. The response from this was very expected, Israel blamed Hamas with no proof and started firing upon infrastructure in Jabalia camp (in Gaza), Israel even used precision weapons to target ambulances, in order to prevent emergency response teams from doing their jobs.

As we’ve seen in every single Israeli, large scale bombardment of Gaza, support from the right-wing Israeli society, for their government soars. Benjamin Netanyahu practically ran for office with the promise of “finishing off Gaza”. If anything is ever done, which makes the Israeli state feel as if they are in any way threatened, they have an obsessive need to bomb and kill in retaliation for this.

The Israeli state quite literally operates, in a manner which closely could be compared to an over entitled child, who kicks, whines, moans and has to have everything their own way.

When Israel is held to account for its wrong actions, it simply points the finger and screams, crying persecution from those that bit back.

The spoilt brat (Israel), is provided with all of their toys (weapons), from their rich parents (The US and EU) and are never confronted about their destructive and disorderly behavior. The biggest problem with a spoilt brat, that grows up this way, is that they will inevitably one day face the consequences for their actions.

Israel recently had its petty traits exploited, when a cheap Iranian drone flew into the occupied Golan heights. The Syrian government, after noticing the shooting down of the Iranian observational drone, set up its air defense systems and simply waited. As the Syrian Arab Army expected, an Israeli F-16 was fired up and on its way to bomb Damascus. For Israel’s petty nature, it was punished, then shortly after, went running to the international community to claim it was a victim.

The people of Gaza, unlike Syria, have no air defense system, they also have no standing army and absolutely nothing that will stand in the way of Israel’s brutality. Israel continues to bombard the strip at will, testing its new weapons to market around the world and watching the people of Gaza suffocate, laughing their way to the bank.

With heightened tensions between - formerly rivaling political factions - Hamas and Fatah, things aren’t looking up for Gaza. The Gaza Strip declared ‘a state of Emergency’, back in February of this year and the situation continues to get worse. Another Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip, reminiscent of what happened in 2014, 2012 and 2008/2009, seems more than likely. The question for most Palestinians now, is not if, but when will Israel start to bomb again.

Robert Inlakesh

Robert Inlakesh is a journalist, political analyst and human rights activist who specialises in delivering insight into the geo-political scene of the Middle East, specialising in the political and humanitarian situation in Palestine.

Robert is a regular writer for 'Al-Masdar news' - and also appears frequently on 'Press TV' as an analyst and researcher.

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