Trump says 'Israel first' as it continues to cleanse Christians and Muslims from Jerusalem

Trump says 'Israel first' as it continues to cleanse Christians and Muslims from Jerusalem

Yesterday, the al-Mujahideen cemetery (East Jerusalem), was reportedly raided by Israelis who came with the intent of defacing Palestinian gravestones. The supervisor of the cemetery said to ‘Ma’an News’, that he received a call at three in the morning, informing him that the gravestones of multiple Palestinians - murdered by Israeli forces in October of 2015 - were defaced.

The attack comes at a time when Aryeh Deri (Israeli Interior Minister), has been granted the right to force Jerusalemite Palestinians, to comply with the state of Israel’s policies. Israel revoking their residency if they commit a “breach of loyalty” to the state. That’s right, the Israeli Knesset actually passed a bill, enabling its interior minister to kick out residents for breaching loyalty.

Those that they can now, essentially expel from Jerusalem, happen to be the native Christian and Muslim population. Expelling Palestinians will practically see the “Judaization of Jerusalem” as it has been termed.

After US President, Donald Trump’s, recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of the Israeli entity, Israel have begun to rapidly increase their efforts expel Palestinians, destroying more than 6 Palestinian buildings, in East Jerusalem alone since January the 29th.

Last year (2017) approximately 142 Palestinian buildings were demolished in East Jerusalem, which misplaced 233 Palestinian residents within the area (According to UN sources).

In Jerusalem, Israel has employed a law, where any home - currently inhabited by Palestinians- that was owned by Jewish people, prior to 1948, is now a house which any Jewish settler can steal from the current family living there. Israeli settlers can come through - as was done on multiple occasions last year - with the police as a guard and simply claim the home as their own, despite the house being legally owned by a Palestinian.

Another way in which Israel is actively working to destroy Palestinian Muslim and Christian presence in Jerusalem, is by restricting them from applying for building permits. As the demographic grows, more homes are needed to be built in order to supplement the population, however Israel will not allow for them to get permits to build and so they are forced to move.

It is extremely rare that Palestinians ever get granted their request for a build permit, in fact only 600 units being permitted a building license since 1967. In contrast to this, Israelis have – within the same period of time – been granted licenses to build upwards of 55,000 units in East Jerusalem.

There is an ongoing effort to push Palestinians from their homes, completely saturating Jerusalem with Jewish residents. The aim is to destroy the diversity in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is indeed a divided city - like most in Israel - where groups are segregated on ethnic grounds, yet this is still an extremely controversial plan that is being implemented, due to the religious and historical significance of the city.

The United States, which claims to champion democracy, diversity and Christian values, is aiding Israel to act on the opposite of these supposedly shared values. The US is actively - morally and financially - supporting the uprooting of native Christians, Muslims and the destruction/closure of their sacred/holy sites.

Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, even backed a bill which would allow for the Israeli state to execute Palestinians in the West Bank, who were convicted of acts that the state deemed as terrorism. For the state of Israel’s members of Knesset, terrorism can even be the slapping of a soldier by 16 year old girls, such as Ahed Tamimi.

The United States congress, is now actively working on behalf of the Israeli government, to legitimize Israel’s gross violations of international law. Does it make sense to the reader, that the US is going against its own stated values, in order to please a far-right ethno-religious state? Does it seem plausible that the US cares more about helping Israel change the demographic of East Jerusalem, that for instance the water situation in Michigan?

Israel is becoming the Jewish only racist state, that it has always set out to be and the US is helping it achieve this. So if you disagree with the Trump Administrations “Israel first” policy, be sure to spread the fact that the US is currently sending roughly 5 billion dollars in foreign aid to Israel. Sending US tax paying dollars, to a country which sees a first world living condition for the Israeli Jews living inside of it.

Robert Inlakesh

Robert Inlakesh is a journalist, political analyst and human rights activist who specialises in delivering insight into the geo-political scene of the Middle East, specialising in the political and humanitarian situation in Palestine.

Robert is a regular writer for 'Al-Masdar news' - and also appears frequently on 'Press TV' as an analyst and researcher.