There are no real rockets and Israel certainly doesn’t know how many Hamas has

In the case of another mass scale bombardment - or as the media would call it, a war - in Gaza, the following information is crucial to comprehending what you are being told.

Israel claims to hit Hamas targets every-time they bomb Gaza | pacaf

The following is a very brief and simple breakdown of Israeli propaganda, but is essential knowledge, if you wish to debunk the lies perpetuated by the mainstream media’s jelly-spine “journalists”.

Why Israel's claim to know types and quantity of Hamas' inventory is a lie

The IDF (Israeli “Defense” Forces) last week released in a statement, that it had gathered intel., which indicates that the arsenal of Hamas rockets in Gaza, is comprised of approximately 15,000 rockets, a thousand of which have the capacity to hit Tel Aviv. The statistic above - if a conflict arrises between Hamas and Israel - will, as in conflicts prior, be taken by most popular News Networks as a statement of fact and therefor a huge factor in an argument, which can be used to justify whatever Israel does.

So what is wrong with that statistic and why can I say without a doubt that it is not true?

Well, lets do the journalist thing to do and ask some questions; Israel claims to have intel on how many weapons Hamas has and has specifically produced a number as to how many rockets can hit Tel Aviv... So, Israel must have some how seen these weapons or it could not possibly know how many, nor could it know which rockets could do what. One may now say, yes, perhaps Israel has intelligence officers who have infiltrated Hamas and obtained this information, if this was to be true however, Israel would have to know where the weapons were, which leads me to the next level of analysis.

If Israel knew where the weapons were - as it would have to, if it had seen the rockets and could provide a statistic as to how many exist - then why would it not just preemptively strike? My answer to this question is, if Israel did know, it would strike. Why is it my opinion that Israel would preemptively strike, well, let us take the example from their activities recently in Syria; Israel will launch strikes against Syria, as an when it likes, sometimes several per week, much of the time it claims that this is to stop weapons being transported between the Syrian Government and its allies. So why now in the case of Hamas, would Israel not strike? The answer is, it does not have a clue where the weapons are, nor how many Hamas have in their possession.

Israeli claims of hitting Hamas targets every time they bomb Gaza are also a lie

Without going into too much detail, Hamas DO NOT operate like a conventional military force. Hamas, in order to survive, have developed a very sophisticated tunnel system underneath the surface of Gaza. Hamas lives and operates underground and this is why it is still in existence, Israel is more than capable of flattening any part of the Gaza Strip, destroying Hamas completely. If Israel knew where Hamas positions were, it would strike them and destroy them.

If you follow what is going on in Gaza year round, you will find that anytime Palestinians take any action against Israel, Israel will bomb spots around Gaza. The reason for Israel striking Gaza every-time there is something, however small - done against Israelis, is that they need to claim this in order to sell the lie that they responded, to their people. If Israel did hit a Hamas target every single time they claimed to have done so, Hamas would not exist.

Hamas have no army bases, they have no airport, they fight from underground and in secret.

These are no rockets, but fireworks

During, what Israel called, ‘Operation Protective Edge’ (2014) , Hamas and affiliated groups allegedly fired 5,000 rockets, 2,000 mortar shells at Israel, these “terrorist projectiles” damaged a total of one house and killed only six civilians, five of whom where Israeli.

People may now look at those statistics and think that perhaps Israel’s, ‘Iron Dome’ Defense System, was the reason for such little damage being inflicted, there is however a huge whole in this justification. Israel only has its, ‘Iron Dome’ Defense system, in specific areas and claims to have repelled around 700 rockets out of the 800 plus rockets fired, into areas where the missile defense system is located. So statistically speaking, even if we believe the effectiveness of Israel’s famous Missile Defense System within the areas in which it operates, still thousands of projectiles made their way through.

The reason why the rockets did - next to no - damage at all, is because they are not actually rockets, they are flares or as some refer to them as, fireworks.

This information is very basic and this is a very brief summary of the points made, however, this information will help you de-construct so much of the dis-information thrown your way by the MSM.

Robert Inlakesh

Robert Inlakesh is a journalist, political analyst and human rights activist who specialises in delivering insight into the geo-political scene of the Middle East, specialising in the political and humanitarian situation in Palestine.

Robert is a regular writer for 'Al-Masdar news' - and also appears frequently on 'Press TV' as an analyst and researcher.