Gaza and Eastern Ghouta: the media’s bias and double-standards

Gazan officials have just announced “a state of emergency”, in the besieged Gaza Strip (photo: Gaza Strip 2015)

When there’s evidence in Gaza, it’s not a warcrime, but when there is no evidence in Eastern Ghouta, the world is in outrage...

As the United Nations and MSM (Mainstream Media) launches its ultra-bias campaign upon Syria - with the objective of demonizing the Syrian government’s actions, carried out in its Eastern Ghouta offensive - there is a humanitarian catastrophe which has been all but ignored by the international community and media, Gaza.

Gazan officials have just announced “a state of emergency”, in the besieged Gaza Strip and as social services erode, disease spreads and the economy nears collapse, no condemnation of Israel is in sight. Israel is obligated, under international law, to ensure that there’s a maintained livable condition in Gaza, but have proceeded to undergo every measure possible, in order to strangle the civilian population of the Strip.

Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the United Nations, recently claimed in her speech to the UN security council, on the topic of Eastern Ghouta; "It is simply preposterous to claim that these attacks on civilians have anything to do with fighting terrorism". Haley claims here to have factual information which would indicate the targeting of civilians, which, she cannot possibly have obtained.

All MSM sources laying claim to a body count in Eastern Ghouta, take the word of the “Syrian Observatory for human rights” which is simply one man in coventry, who is neither objective nor educated to the number of dead. The question of how many are being killed and the allegations of the Syrian Arab Army targeting innocents and civilian infrastructure, bare no evidential weight. A similar campaign was waged by leading media organizations, in ‘the West’, as Aleppo was under process of liberation, yet the second the Syrian government won the conflict, all allegations faded as journalists were able to investigate the claims and debunk them.

Unlike what is happening in Eastern Ghouta - where a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) offensive goes forth, as al-Qaeda affiliated groups have fired over a thousand mortar shells into Damascus (actually targeting and killing civilians) - what is happening in Gaza is undeniable and is purely the result of Israel’s lack of humanity. Israel is carrying out an agenda of collective punishment in the Gaza Strip, this is a violation of international law, but the UN seem to be too petrified to even point to this reality and how it has came about.

Nikki Haley is also partly responsible for what is going on in Gaza, as it was the United States decision to cut funding from UNRWA - a wing of the UN set up for dealing with Palestinian refugees - which has now directly led to the de-generation of services and the economy, in Gaza. The Mayor of Gaza, Nizar Hejazi, confirmed the US’s treatment of UNRWA had made a significant impact, stating at a news conference; “Much of the financial aid has been cut, which has halted basic services linked to fuel and sanitation…”

Hospitals are closing, 97% of Gaza’s water is completely undrinkable, raw (untreated) sewerage is now being exclusively pumped directly into the sea, Gaza’s sole power plant is now un-operational and the economy is due to collapse any day now. More than 50% of Gaza’s population are un-employed, over 80% are living in poverty and as a result of the three major Israeli bombing campaigns, people are still living in the rubble of their former homes. Crime has increased in Gaza, with suicide rates climbing and the situation at the moment is nothing short of hell on earth.

As someone who has personally reported on Israel shelling Gaza, when people are killed, we receive their name, age, where they were killed, where they were from and most importantly how they were killed. Before I report on a civilian casualty, I go to an on the ground organization or hospital and quote them, in Eastern Ghouta however, none of this is available.

So why is it that international organizations and the mainstream media, are completely incapable of holding Israel accountable for its actions - when we have concrete evidence to support warcrimes - yet move to place the blame on the Syrian government and its allies, with absolutely no evidence to support their claims? The only reasonable conclusion, is that these organizations are completely at the mercy of the enemies of the Middle-East and work to undermine the Syrian government, whilst propping up the Israeli regime.

Is it too much to ask the MSM to do its job, maybe they should follow a ‘for dummies’ guide or just employ the “who, when, where, what, how and why”. Journalistic integrity has clearly been replaced with virtue signaling clickbait, the biggest problem with this is that lives are being lost and the world is being misled about who is at fault.

Robert Inlakesh

Robert Inlakesh is a journalist, political analyst and human rights activist who specialises in delivering insight into the geo-political scene of the Middle East, specialising in the political and humanitarian situation in Palestine.

Robert is a regular writer for 'Al-Masdar news' - and also appears frequently on 'Press TV' as an analyst and researcher.