Contemptus Mundi

Call it contemptus mundi, call it Mickey Mouse, call it whatever you want. There simply is no way I can reconcile the progress of the world with anything remotely resembling progress.
Effects of the U.S. atomic bomb on Hiroshima

The endless march of trinkets in the face of starving, skeletal children. The loud in-your-face petroleum-testosterone blend machismo from the newest V8 equipped ego-mobiles which might as well be running on the blood of innocents in Yemen and Syria. How can this be progress? Progress would have been finding ways to have gotten past the need to rush headlong into wars and turn blind eyes to famines and then act like we don't know how any of those things occur.

No, actually, I don't find that humanity has answers. All too often, the answer is supposed to be the all-wise, all-knowing "market" which began the famine in the first place. Or the solution to a war is the government whose tacit and overt militarism has put forth the credo of "might makes right" for decades. Mass graves are full to overflowing with the price-payers of failed and woebegone ideas that the comfortable console themselves with in order to excuse their own culpability.

Nobody is entitled to some unrealistic standard of life that floods the living room with entertainment and a parade of tchotchkes as the world's poor dies for want of clean water, enough food, and the common dignity that ought to be afforded to every human being. People in comfortable nations can get involved in various causes but, at the end of the day, they are not living in the decisions their governments make at their behest.

I scoff at the very notion that such a thing as "pro-life" exists within the United States. Were that so, we would not allow entire nations to suffer as Yemen does simply because some so-called "ally" in the region is using that place as a proving ground for its U.S.-supplied weapons. We would not have sold those weapons to begin with. We would not be fuelling the aircraft carrying out missions where children die and people act like it was an accident. But since we require the oil from the region to fuel pickup trucks the size of whales (who are also dying in record numbers thanks to our madness), we will gladly look the other way and scan the pages of slick magazines for the newest V8 muscle car on the market. Provided it is also loud so we cannot hear our consciences pronouncing it guilty of mass murder.

People act like we earned this thanks to World War Two, the second in a series of epic slaughters the entire world became involved in. I fail to see why such a death toll justifies just as many avoidable deaths afterwards thanks to war and famine. If anything, the Second World War should have served notice to humanity that the lessons from the first one were not learned. But, no, instead of that, the world began arming itself to the teeth to fight the Third World War. And here we are.

The world sits here at this moment with children starving to death and governments are worried about what direction the governments in those countries will fall. Is this not madness? Americans cannot find Yemen on a map and Americans can't find the capitols of their own states on a paper map and will need to use MapQuest to find it. But we cannot MapQuest justice and rightness here with all the computers we were told would make life so much easier. Huh. Easier. Easier to kill others elsewhere is what technology has basically done for us.

So, yes, contemptus mundi. I reject the notion that the world is making progress and that we are headed in the right direction. We are headed to the Third World War but as long as it has a good soundtrack, Americans will cheer Doomsday. As long as we win it. Meaning: We blew up the planet ten times, whereas the enemy was only able to blow it up five times. Therefore, we won, and everyone vaporized will cheer loudly and they damn well better stand for the Star Spangled Banner, too.

Jack Perry

Jack Perry is a writer who lives with his wife in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. When talking about the ambitions and goals of the United States government, Jack warns: "Always Assume It's A Scam." Jack writes, bakes bread, and is a Path pilgrim and wayfarer of this world.