Sayed Nasrallah: a third intifada in face of Trump’s decision

"Trump's decision regarding Al-Quds resembles a second Balfour Declaration," Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah said.  | Youtube snapshot

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah slammed US President Donald Trump's move of recognizing Occupied Al-Quds as a capital of the Israeli apartheid entity.

Al-Ahed news website reported that in a televised speech, Sayed Nasrallah warned that some voices will emerge to downplay and underestimate the level of Trump's decision.

"Trump's decision regarding Al-Quds resembles a second Balfour Declaration. However, we will soon hear Arab voices trying to downplay its importance," he noted.

Pointing out that the Israeli regime’s interest comes before anything else, he stated that "Israel does not care to what the Arab, European, Russian or Chinese countries say and what concerns it is the American position,” noting that "following Trump's decision, "Israel" would stop at nothing to push Palestinians from their homes and confiscate their properties, farms and gardens. Will they be appropriated or demolished?”

"Al-Quds will expand towards the West Bank and what the "Israeli" has done in decades will be performed in greater pace in a short time. Israel will certainly try to expand its dominion over the greater Quds and absorb more land in the occupied West Bank," Sayed Nasrallah predicted.

The Hezbollah leader went on to say: "Sovereignty over Al-Quds has been given to the Israelis and they are free to do whatever they want. We even hear voices that the opportunity is available to build the Temple."

He also highlighted that "Al-Aqsa Mosque is in real danger, and we are not surprised to wake up on a nearby day to find that Al-Aqsa Mosque has been demolished."

On the same note, Sayed Nasrallah said that "The Palestinians agree that the capital of their state must be East Al-Quds and the American, the guarantor of the agreements and the so-called peace process, canceled it."

"Trump's decision forms a great insult to millions of Muslims and Christians who felt offended by transfer of Occupied al-Quds to the Israeli control in spite of sentiments of Muslims and Christians and is against all international resolutions," he said.

Once again, Sayed Nasrallah cautioned that "we are facing a blatant American aggression against Al-Quds, its people, sanctities, cultural identity and people."

The resistance movement Secretary General urged the Muslims and Arabs to continue their protests against this outrageous step and emphasize the importance of the issue of Palestine for all Muslims, so that nobody would ever dare to do such things.

He further called on scholars to hold meetings on this issue and raise their voice in condemnation of Trump's decision, also called on the Arab states to at least summon their ambassadors from the United States.

"We don't expect that they cut relations with the United States, but by recalling their envoys, they should protest the US administration's move," he said, underscoring that "the most important response would be a Palestinian uprising and an Islamic summit that would declare Al-Quds as the eternal capital of Palestine."

"Any step taken to normalize ties with the apartheid "Israeli" would be the greatest treachery against Palestine at the present juncture," he added, reiterating "The Intifada is the most meaningful and important response to the US-Zionist move.”

He called for a popular demonstration in Lebanon to protest Al-Quds decision on Monday.

"What Trump has done is a great threat that Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims can turn into the greatest opportunity," Sayed Nasrallah concluded.