Dialogue makes sense if Serbia accepts Kosovo independence

“After the Brussels agreement, the dialogue did not have any point,"  stated Haradinaj. | Youtube snapshot

People in Kosovo expect that Serbia, in the end of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, accepts Kosovo’s independence.

Kosovo PM Ramush Haradinaj in an interview for Deutsche Welle pointed out that dialogue had some progress until the Brussels agreement from 2013.

“After the Brussels agreement, the dialogue did not have any point. We are worried because it is not supposed to be dialogue solely because of the dialogue, but for the progress of both of our societies, for both of our countries,” stated Haradinaj.

Commenting about the time frame of forming the Community / Association of Serb Municipalities, Haradinaj declared that its formation has already been prepared in the Kosovo’s Constitution, but Brussels did not respect the suggestion made in the Constitution.

Answering a question on whether the division of Kosovo, which is openly proposed by some politicians from Serbia, is possible, the Kosovo Prime Minister denied.

“The game with borders is dangerous in the Balkans, for everyone who plays them. I do not believe that these stories are serious and I would not I talk about it because we know what will follow if we play it,” he said.

Moreover, commenting on whether he would seek the support from the opposition to form a Kosovo army, for which he had been previously advocating, Haradinaj said that some issues were “national, and not just questions of the ruling coalition.”

“As far as the Kosovo’s army is concerned, we have different positions, but we are here to talk and see what a possible solution is,” stated Haradinaj.