Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Covic to UN: For a political solution in Syria

Dragan Covic, the Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina | YouTube

The leader of Bosnia and Herzegovina stressed on Wednesday that the centrality of the United Nations in resolving crises before they degenerate into war and the flight of refugees.

“In Bosnia and Herzegovina, unfortunately, we know too much about the high price of wars,” Dragan Covic, the Chairman of the country’s Presidency, told world leaders from the podium of the UN General Assembly on the 2nd day of its annual general debate.

Covic assured that the United Nations system must be at the heart of all activities across the globe, using preventive measures to resolve the crises and prevent people from leaving their homes. He underscored the importance of standing up to terrorism and facing it wisely.

He further highlighted that correcting social injustice, reconciling the seemingly irreconcilable, persevering in compromise and striving for pluralistic and inclusive solutions are all important matters that should be dealt with and taken care of.

On a specific note, Mr. Covic elaborated on the Syrian war issue. He emphasized that the continued suffering of the Syrian people should come to an end, and that Bosnia and Herzegovina strongly condemns every form of violence against the civilians.

“Violence must stop. Each Syrian child, woman and man, and each Syrian refugee, must have their dignity of a human being restored, as well as the belief in the possibility of recovery and new life opportunities,” Covic pointed out.

He went on to say “We, as well as the others who are here today, will continue to call for a peaceful and political solution through negotiations, in the process the ownership of which can only be in the hands of the Syrian people, which should be based on the Geneva Communique and with the Assistance of the international community and the United Nations, led by the Special Envoy for Syria, whose unselfish efforts to continue the negotiations in Geneva are highly appreciated.”