Western Balkan PMs meet in Albania, police steps up security measures

Western Balkan PMs meet in Albania, police steps up security measures | Youtube snapshot

The office of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said that he will host an informal meeting of his Western Balkans counter-parts end of August. A statement said Thursday that the one-day meeting on trade, services, investments and digital economy will be held Saturday in the western port city of Durres. It will focus on boosting an economic growth project agreed upon last month at the Trieste Summit as part of the fourth European Union-Western Balkans summit.

Meanwhile, Police in Albania declared that they have increased security in the country following terror threats and attacks in Europe.

A statement released on Thursday said police have increased their presence in cities and stepped up security at events with big crowds, shopping malls, diplomatic offices and residences, among other places. Heightened monitoring is also scheduled for the border areas and crossing points.

The statement added that counterterror officials will "intensively work to keep under control risky persons, or those with radical tendencies and their connections."

"A higher number of police officers will be deployed to the border crossing points in order to carry out more detailed controls in cases when the border officers raise suspicions on certain persons, vehicles or objects," police further said.

On the other hand, Albania's state police said the anti-terror structures were intensively working in the terrain to keep under constant monitoring the persons with radical views or their connections.

According to police, these structures had also intensified their cooperation with the Albanian prosecution office and the state intelligence department as well as partner institutions in other countries in order to share information and manage to prevent, uncover and detain any suspect intending to undertake a terrorist attack.

Albania, with a Muslim majority population and a sizeable Christian minority, has not been a target of any terror attack so far.

According to sources, since 2014 the government has improved the country’s law enforcement and security institutions, and police have a visible presence throughout the different cities.