73% of Albanians think economy worsened

Albania | Youtube snapshot

Around 73 percent of Albanians think Albania's economic situation has worsened compared to four years ago, a survey published by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) showed Wednesday.

77 percent of respondents were optimistic that their children would have a better life than them, despite the fact that they expressed pessimism about the economic situation.

EBRD learned that the survey was based on 1,377 interviews held in 2016.

The survey showed that half of Albanian respondents were unhappy with the health care offered by the state through a series of expensive public-private partnerships.

Moreover, the report noted that 56 percent of Albanians expressed readiness to pay higher taxes if this would actually improve the quality of health care.

On another level, 70 percent of respondents think that the political situation has worsened in comparison to four years ago. Meanwhile 63 percent of respondents are unhappy with the judicial system, the survey showed.

A surprising finding of this survey was that only half of the respondents preferred a democracy and a market economy while 31 percent of them would prefer a planned economy or authoritarian regime.

Albania is considered to be a developing nation. Each year, Albania exports around $2.32 billion and imports roughly $4.84 billion. 17% of population in the country are unemployed. The total number of unemployed people in Albania is 500 489. In Albania, 14% of the population lives below the poverty line. Major industries in the country are food and tobacco products, textiles and clothing, lumber, oil, cement, chemicals, mining, basic metals, hydropower. At least 1/3 of Albanians live outside the borders of their home countries in Southeastern Europe.

Since several months, the Bank of Albania has constantly urged the second-tier banks operating in Albania to boost their support to country's economy by providing more loans to businesses and households.