Serbia praises Russian stance on Kosovo issue with respect to international law

Vladimir Putin met with Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic | kremlin

Belgrade is grateful to Moscow for its position on Serbia’s breakaway region of Kosovo, the stance that stresses the importance of abiding by the international law, Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin told Sputnik on Saturday.

"We are very grateful to the Russian Federation because of politics regarding Kosovo and Metohija, their principal position of the support of the international law, because Kosovo and Metohija is really [about] international law more than anything,” Vulin said during his official visit to Moscow.

“That’s our politics and we will continue with this politics. I think the friendship between our nations cannot be damaged or compromised," he went on to say.

Moscow has regular interaction with Belgrade on issues related to countering attempts to push Kosovo into international organizations.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly emphasized that Kosovo could not be considered a state with legal personality and therefore has no right to apply for membership in international organizations, in particular such as the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Vulin also pointed out that he wants Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to visit Belgrade in the near future and would discuss possible dates during their bilateral meeting in Moscow.

"I will invite Minister Shoigu to come to Serbia as soon as possible. [The date of the visit] is something that we will agree on. I will see what is his agenda, we have dates to offer, historical occasions when we should meet together. I hope that I will be a good host to Mr. Shoigu in Belgrade," the defense minister added.

Vulin further noted that he intended to become friends with the Russian counterpart to match good relations between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

"For me, for Serbia, it is a great honor to have an opportunity to speak with Minister Shoigu. He is well-known in Serbia; he is loved and respected in Serbia. We don’t need an agenda to have a meeting, but of course we have different topics about the cooperation of our armies, and of course cooperation of our governments,” the Serbian official underscored.

 He noted that Serbia’s President Mr. Aleksandar Vucic and President of Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin are close friends, adding “[the two] have a personal bond and so Minister Shoigu and I must be very good friends as well," Vulin, who was appointed Defense Minister in late June, said.

On June 28, Sputnik quoted Serbia's Acting Assistant Defense Minister for Material Resources Nenad Miloradovic as saying that Serbia awaited Shoigu's visit in the near future.