Croatian taxi drivers: Block the roads, Uber should stop!


Croatian taxi drivers in three major cities, Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik, protested on Monday against Uber which is allegedly illegally operating in the country.

The taxi drivers blocked traffic near the airports, causing traffic jams and long lines, sources said.

In Croatia's most famous tourist destination, Dubrovnik, dozens of passengers missed their flight due to the protest and massive traffic jam towards the city.

Minister of the Sea, Transport, and Infrastructure, Oleg Butkovic, condemned the protest, arguing it paints an unpleasant picture of Croatia whose economy depends on tourism.

"This is completely unacceptable for the city. What they did today in the midst of a tourist season is inexcusable. The fact is that Uber is operating illegally and the city is against Uber, but Croatian government has to deal with that problem. If taxi drivers want to protest they should do that in the capital Zagreb, not in Dubrovnik," Dubrovnik's mayor Mato Frankovic said.

Also, on June 21, taxi drivers blocked one of the busiest streets in Croatian capital Zagreb, urging the government to ban Uber application in Croatia.

Uber launched the world's first UberBoat service on June 30 in three of Croatia's most-visited coastal destinations, namely Split, Island Hvar and Dubrovnik. UberBoat won't have any legal problems in the country, according to Davor Tremac, Uber Director for Southeast Europe.

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