Army to expose new missile system, rifle, combat vehicles

The Serbian Army (VS) will celebrate its day and Victory Day on May 9 with a ceremony at the Nikinci Ranges, dubbed "Steel 2017."
Alas antitank rocket | wikimedia

The ALAS guided missile system will be shown off for the first time and a new rifle, combat armored Vehicles Milos and Lazar as well.

The ceremony will be attended by top officials of the Ministry of Defense, the Army, the police, the state, cabinet ministers, representatives of the military-diplomatic crops, and guests from abroad, the MoD announced on Wednesday.

Defense Minister Zoran Djordjevic and Chief of the VS General Staff Gen. Ljubisa Dikovic visited Nikinci yesterday, where preparations are under way.

Djorjevic announced that soldiers will use live ammunition to fire from artillery and missile weapons during the VS Day event. Tanks, aircraft, and infantry weapons will also be shown.

Soldiers and police officers will take part in the presentations, the minister said, adding that the ceremony will be broadcast on television.

Citizens will be able to see what the VS has at its disposal, along with the new products of Serbia's defense industry - many of them to be shown publicly for the first time, Djordjevic said.