US, German and French operatives were inside Macedonian Parliament

Thousands of nationalist demonstrators of the so-called “Civil Initiative for a United Macedonia” resumed their protests in Skopje yesterday (2 May) against a plan for a coalition government that includes ethnic Albanian parties, five days after they burst into parliament and assaulted lawmakers.
Protestors enter into the parliament building in Skopje, Macedonia, Thursday, April 27, 2017. Scores of protesters have broken through a police cordon and entered Macedonian parliament to protest the election of a new speaker despite a months-long deadlock in talks to form a new government. (AP Photo/Boris Grdanoski)

The protesters allege that a deal struck between the Social Democrats (SDSM) to govern alongside ethnic Albanian parties, which emerged as kingmakers after an early election in December, would threaten national unity.

Among protesters, US, French and German Embassy operatives entered Macedonian Parliament with the mass of people during Thursday's storming by protesters, reports Zurnal.

What were these foreign agents doing inside Macedonian Parliament? - asks Zurnal.

 Eyewitnesses say these operatives were constantly on the phone and gave orders.

The people kept their promise and entered Parliament after SDS and albanian political parties performed an illegal vote while playing a foreign national anthem.  Only now, Frckovski himself admitted "they had to provoke protesters and lure them in Parliament to switch the roles for SDS from aggressors to victims.".

“We feel that it is very important for the leaders to find a way to allow the majority in parliament . . . to propose a government and a government programme,” said Hoyt Yee, a senior US state department official, after meeting party chiefs on Monday in Skopje, Macedonia’s capital.

Will anyone press charges against the foreign operatives in Macedonian Parliament? The public prosecution office hasn't pressed charges against the coup plotters yet, nor the individuals who set Ivanov's office on fire, so don't hold your breath.

Macedonia has been without a functioning government since 2015, when it sank into political turmoil over a wiretapping scandal that brought down the ruling VMRO-DPMNE.